Get a Branded Tracking Page Powered by ShipEngine

Modern consumers expect a streamlined, user-friendly experience from the moment they land on your e-commerce site to the moment packages arrive at their doorsteps.

They expect simple navigation.

They expect a straightforward checkout process.

They expect fast, inexpensive (or free) shipping.

And they expect easy-to-access tracking for their orders.

At ShipEngine, we now offer branded tracking pages that enhance the post-purchase experience by bringing the information consumers want into a clear and customized page. No longer do your customers have to wrestle with a DHL tracking page or a FedEx tracking page, and no longer do they have search around for a relevant UPS tracking detail page.

Everything they need is available in a single page that features your branding. Continue reading to learn more about ShipEngine’s branded tracking page options and how they benefit your business.

How a Branded Tracking Page Benefits Your Business

No matter how large or small your e-commerce business, branded tracking pages can provide a sense of scale and professionalism. In short, your operation looks world class when it includes an attractive tracking page with helpful information. A branded tracking page also helps you:

  • Extend the Shopping Experience: For most customers, the brand experience ends after placing an order. When you create a branded tracking page, you extend that experience through the fulfillment process.
  • Offer Multiple Tracking Options: Our branded tracking page options deliver relevant information in various formats. Your customers can track their orders via a map or table, and they can also click to access the carrier’s tracking page.
  • Create a Responsive Experience: Our branded tracking pages are fully responsive, meaning your customers can use them on desktops and laptops, tablets and mobile devices. Today, more than half of emails are opened and read on mobile devices — and those mobile users demand responsive pages.
  • Re-Engage Your Shoppers: A branded tracking page gives you the opportunity to re-engage customers by offering links to deals on your site or to your presence on social media. Channel existing customers back to your site, and increase stickiness for repeat buyers.
  • Enjoy Easy Setup and Customization: Establishing and using a branded tracking page powered by ShipEngine is easy. The setup and customization processes require little time and few resources, which means you can quickly start enjoying the benefits listed above.

More than anything, branded tracking pages create a consistent, unified experience for your customers, one that carries straight through from the browsing stage to the moment when an order arrives. Branded tracking pages allow you to deliver a quality customer experience that matches the quality of your products.

White Label Ability for 3PLs and E-Commerce Platforms

Third party logistics companies and e-commerce platforms can take advantage of branded tracking pages, too. After integrating with ShipEngine, 3PLs and platforms can white label branded tracking pages and offer them as a unique benefit to their own users — the merchants and e-commerce storefronts using their services.

How is this a unique benefit? As a 3PL or e-commerce platform, you’re operating in a highly competitive marketplace. Adding the ability for your own customers and users to create branded tracking pages brings more value to your offering. A branded tracking page can serve as a differentiator that wins a 3PL or platform more business.

How to Create a Branded Tracking Page With ShipEngine

Your branded tracking page can be ready in just minutes. Start by clicking the “Branded Tracking Page” tab on the left side of your ShipEngine dashboard. Configure the look and feel of your tracking page by choosing a theme for your shipments. Finally, build tracking URLs using the tracking number and carrier code for your shipments.

You can even create different themes for different brands, subsidiaries and occasions. The options are endless as you seek to enhance the post-purchase experience. For example, incorporate holiday-specific logos, colors and links for shipments in December. Our branded tracking pages are designed to be flexible as your needs shift and change.

Ready to start building? Check out our documentation on branded tracking pages for more information. Are you new to ShipEngine? Explore branded tracking page options when you get a free API key.

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