Introducing Carrier Pickup Support in ShipEngine

You never have to wait in line to drop off your packages again! With ShipEngine as your shipping API, you can now request pickups through select carriers from your office, warehouse, or anywhere.

Which Carriers Support Pickup Service in ShipEngine?

  • UPS
  • USPS
  • DHL Express

How Do I Schedule Pickups? 

To schedule a pickup you’ll need to send a call to the API with a list of the label ids for each package you would like to be picked up. Multiple label ids can be included in one pickup request, as long as all of the labels are from the same carrier and have the same warehouse id.

Here’s an example of how a successful pickup request would look, detailing the appropriate label id(s), pickup notes, and pickup window. Keep in mind that your pick up window range must be written as a valid ISO 8601 string. 

Code sample for API call for UPS pickup service through ShipEngine shipping API

It’s also important to note that when requesting pickup through UPS, times can vary depending on service and pickup location. Contact your UPS sales representative to get information specific to your account.

The response call from ShipEngine will include your verified pickup ID and confirmation number, should you need to reference it:

API response for UPS pickup service through ShipEngine shipping API

Need to Cancel a Pickup? 

Cancelling a pickup is as simple as making a call to the API. Just use your confirmed pickup ID to send the following DELETE request:


If your pickup has been successfully canceled, the response will include a confirmation of your original pickup ID. 

For more information on how to schedule carrier pickups, visit our documentation for multi-language code samples and more. 

Ready to Solve Shipping?

As a ShipEngine user, you also enjoy access to discounted shipping rates through each of these supported carriers — meaning you can save more time and money. 

If you’d like to take advantage of the unique tools and services our shipping API has to offer — including carrier pickups — we encourage you to sign up for your free API key! You’re only a few steps away from solving shipping for your business! 

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