Stop Guessing, Start Automating: Streamline Your Shipping with ShipEngine Rules

Ever wished there was a way to automate your shipping decisions and ensure every package goes out with the perfect carrier and service? Look no further than ShipEngine’s powerful Shipping Rules engine!

What are Shipping Rules?

Shipping Rules allow you to take the guesswork out of shipping by creating custom criteria that determine the most efficient carrier and service for each shipment. This means you can:

Deliver on your promises: Set rules that guarantee shipments are sent using the service that meets your delivery timeframes, boosting customer satisfaction.

Boost efficiency: Let your team focus on other tasks by letting ShipEngine select the best shipping options automatically.

Control costs: Optimize your shipping spend by tailoring service selection to factors like weight, destination, and package size.

How do Shipping Rules Work?

ShipEngine offers two types of Shipping Rules to give you ultimate flexibility:

  1. Service Group Rules: Prioritize a list of preferred services from a specific carrier and exclude options that don’t meet your criteria. Imagine this: you can prioritize service A for lightweight packages, then automatically switch to service B for heavier shipments, all within the same carrier!
  2. Condition-Based Rules: Define specific conditions that trigger the allocation of a particular service. For example, you can set a rule that always uses standard mail for packages under 3kg within the UK but switches to a two-man delivery service for oversized packages.

Ready to Automate Your Shipping?

With ShipEngine’s Shipping Rules, you’re in complete control. Simply set your criteria in the ShipEngine dashboard and watch your shipping operation run on autopilot. No more manual calculations or time wasted researching options – ShipEngine takes care of everything!

Get started with ShipEngine today and unlock the power of Shipping Rules! Our intuitive interface makes creating and managing your rules easy, so you can focus on what matters most – growing your business.

Start using Shipping Rules.

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