APC API Integration

The ShipEngine and APC shipping API integration is the ideal solution for e-commerce retailers who need instant access to streamlined international shipping solutions and competitive pricing as part of an automated fulfillment platform. For more information contact shipengine@apc-pli.com.

Features We Support

Ease of Use
Easy onboarding with automatic file and data uploads from ShipEngine to APC.
Reduced Shipping Costs
Consolidator pricing at reduced rates for IPA and ISAL commercial services and Generic Postal Consolidator.
Customized Service Levels
Options for three international service levels and two service options - Expected, Priority, Standard – DDU, DDP.
Verification scans and tracking milestones viewable within 12 hours to improve customer satisfaction and confer preferred seller status within the leading online marketplace communities.
ShipStation customers incur no additional service charges and are invoiced after materials have been processed.