DHL eCommerce API Integration

DHL and USPS are teamed up to offer eCommerce business services, and ShipEngine is partnered with DHL eCommerce order tracking to offer it to you. Easily create DHL shipments and print shipping labels by linking your DHL eCommerce shipping account to the ShipEngine multi-carrier shipping platform. Also, with ShipEngine, your International customs documentation is automatically generated. Start shipping both domestically and internationally with DHL eCommerce and ShipEngine today!

Features We Support


Advertizing materials, reports, brochures, etc. (1 – 16 oz.)
Books, catalogs, directories, etc. (1 – 15 lbs.)
Requested catalogs, books, electronic media, etc. (1 oz. – 15 lbs.)
Lightweight Parcels
General packaged merchandise, pharmaceuticals, sunglasses, etc. (1 – 16 oz.)
Apparel, consumer electronics, prescriptions, product samples, etc. (1 – 15 lbs.)


Statements, advertising mail, catalogs, etc. (up to 4.4 lbs.)
Packet & Packet Plus
T-shirts, DVDs, CDs, etc.
Parcel & Parcel Direct
Samples, merchandise, electronics, games (up to 44 lbs.)