Validate Addresses With ShipEngine

Unexpected returns can ruin the customer experience and cost you serious money. Major carriers can sometimes correct invalid addresses, but they add a surcharge for doing so. More often, carriers send packages back at your expense. With ShipEngine’s address validation API, you can avoid surcharges and additional shipping costs. ShipEngine cross-references your ship-to addresses with authoritative databases to ensure your have the right address each and every time — allowing you to ship with confidence.

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Delight Customers

Quality address validation helps you create outstanding customer experiences.

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Save Money

Avoiding unnecessary returns and corrections surcharges saves you money.

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Go Global

You can go global when ShipEngine helps you validate addresses around the world.

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Ship With Confidence

Know that your shipments will reach their destinations with our address validation API.

Ready to Save?

Leading ecommerce platforms and brands trust ShipEngine for address validation. The results: greater efficiency, better customer experiences, and real savings.

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Validate and Ship With Confidence

At ShipEngine, we provide address validation services to ecommerce shippers, vacation rental companies, background check firms, and many others.