Postman Collections

Postman is a free, cross-platform app that makes it easy to experiment with APIs in a friendly interface. ShipEngine's official Postman collection help you get started quickly.

You can download Postman here. It's available for Mac, Windows, Linux, and Chrome OS.

Tutorial Video

Unfamiliar with Postman? Want to make sure you get the most out of our walkthrough collection? Then watch this video and follow along to learn how to use Postman and ShipEngine at the same time.

ShipEngine Walkthrough

Walkthrough Docs

This collection is a guided tour through ShipEngine's most popular features. Follow the walkthrough step-by-step, running each request in order to learn how ShipEngine works.

You'll learn how to:

  • Create and download shipping labels
  • Calculate shipping costs for any package
  • Compare rates across UPS, FedEx, USPS and other carriers
  • Track packages in real-time or on-demand
  • Parse and validate mailing addresses for any country on Earth!

Tip Be sure to run the requests in order. This collection uses Postman variables to connect each step to the next one, so you may get errors if you run them out of order.

ShipEngine Reference

Reference Docs

This collection contains sample requests for every ShipEngine API endpoint. It's great for reference purposes, or to see a birds-eye view of all of ShipEngine.

In addition to this collection, we also have API definitions in various formats. These also include every ShipEngine API endpoint.


  1. Run in Postman
    Click the button to automatically open the collection in Postman.

  2. API Key
    Select the "ShipEngine" environment in Postman, which has your ShipEngine API key.

  3. Send Requests
    Start with the "Carrier Integrations" folder, and the "List your carriers" request. Be sure to run requests in order, since many steps of the walkthrough rely on previous steps.

  4. Descriptions
    Each folder and request has a description explaining what it does. You'll need to click the arrow next to the request name to see the description.

  5. Visualizations
    Rather that viewing raw JSON responses, try Postman's Visualize view to see the API response in a friendlier format.