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ShipEngine SDKs

ShipEngine provides SDKs for a variety of popular languages and frameworks.

Developer Tools

There are many great developer tools for working with REST APIs. Even better, most of them are free and open source. Here are a few that we really like here at ShipEngine:

  • A free, open source, command-line tool that's already installed on most operating systems. Read our guide to curl to get familiar with it.

  • Another free, open source , command-line tool. Whereas curl is ideal for scripting, HTTPie is optimized for interactive use. It has a very user-friendly UI, colorized and formatted output, and other features that make it really nice to use.

  • A free, cross-platform app that makes it easy to experiment with APIs in a friendly interface. You can get started quickly by downloading one the official ShipEngine Postman collections.

  • Another free, open source, cross-platform app that lets you experiment with APIs in a nice visual interface.

API Definitions

Many developer tools allow you to import API definitions and automatically generator wrapper classes, SDKs, mock servers, contact tests, etc. Here are API definitions for ShipEngine in a few of the most widely-supported formats: