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Connect our shipping API to your tech stack, designed for companies of all sizes.

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Unlock discounted carrier rates coupled with essential API access.


Experience complimentary sandbox access or pay-as-you-ship with our discounted carrier rates.
What's Included:
  • Connect with our carrier accounts
  • Create labels and compare rates
  • Large discounts on retail prices
  • Track your parcels
  • Create tracking webhooks
  • Sandbox environment



Tailored for companies or partners managing over 25,000+ shipments monthly.


Have a larger operation and need extra support? Our experts can help!
Everything in Advanced plan, plus:
  • Custom billing methods
  • Higher rate limits
  • Dedicated Implementation manager
  • Live chat and scheduled calls
  • Build with our Shipping Elements
  • Create accounts using the API
100+ carriers supported
Use ShipEngine’s discounted rates
Bring your own accounts
Order Source Integrations
API Functions
Create Shipments
Generate labels
Compare rates
US Address Validation*
Global Address Validation*
Schedule pickups
Customs documentation
Manage Packages
Create Package types
Warehouses Addresses
Batch Shipments
Account Settings
Manage Carriers
Sandbox Environment
ShipEngine Carriers only
Estimated duties and tax
Search PUDO Locations
Permission based API Keys
Create Partner User Accounts
Talk with an Expert
API rate limit
Tracking portal
Advanced Tracking portal
Talk with an Expert
Brand your labels
Branded Partner UIs
Talk with an Expert
Live chat
Email support
Self-service help center
Self-service developer docs
Live onboarding support
Dedicated Account Manager
Talk with an Expert

*US and Global Address Validation on our Free Plan can be performed as part of the Get Rates or Create Label actions.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Trial?

Yes, we provide a 30-day trial of our sandbox environment. This provides you with an easy way to test our API using mock carriers accounts. Learn how all our endpoints work by downloading our POSTMAN collections here.

What is your free plan?

The Free plan allows you subscription free access to ship using our discounted carriers on a pay as you ship basis. There’s no API usage charges and you can continue to use our sandbox environment past the 30 day trial totally free. To get unrestricted access to our API and to bring your own accounts you will need to upgrade to our Advanced plan.

What if I only need a specific service, like tracking?

Our Advanced Plan is available with 1000, 5000 or 10,000 API calls per month to each of the following endpoints: order imports, create labels, track parcels, validate addresses, rate shopping and PUDO searches. Need more? You can pay for additional API usage on a PAY-AS-YOU-GO basis each month, or for volumes over 25,000 p/m please contact sales.

What happens if I exceed my monthly API limits?

If you go beyond your allocated monthly API usage, an overage fee will apply. You can find the specific details of these charges HERE.

What carriers and order sources are supported by ShipEngine?

With ShipEngine, you can access over 150+ carriers and order sources. To view the complete and current list of supported carriers, click here, and for the order sources, click here.

Do you offer support?

What support options are available? We provide 24/7 email support and chat support from 8am to 5pm Central Time for North American Accounts, and 9am – 5pm GTM for European accounts, Monday through Friday. All users can opt to schedule a call with us, and our Enterprise users benefit from access to a dedicated implementation and account manager.

Why ShipEngine?

Leading an industry requires sophisticated delivery solutions that solve complex challenges and drive customer loyalty. ShipEngine revamps and enhances ecommerce workflows with unique processes tailored to specific business needs. Starting with powerful, reliable APIs that scale, our experts collaborate with developers and operations leaders to help them reach their next milestone and revolutionize their category. Together, we’re creating the new standard of shipping.