Have E-Commerce Questions? Our Shipping API Delivers Answers

ShipEngine is a shipping API that powers $80 billion in e-commerce. That’s a lot of stuff getting from Point A to Point B hour after hour, day after day. What type of stuff? Stuff like:

  • Goods sold by large online merchants
  • Packages sent to global addresses by third-party logistics companies
  • Merchandise purchased in online marketplaces
  • Gummy bears that need to get from Austin to Portland

Gummy bears? That’s just a hypothetical, but ShipEngine can certainly help facilitate the shipping (affordably and efficiently) of gummy bears and any other candy that needs to get from one place to another.

A Twitter Bot Puts a Shipping API to Work

James Messinger, ShipEngine’s developer evangelist, even created a Twitter bot that leverages ShipEngine’s shipping API (and other tools) to answer a range of questions about shipping rates. For example:

  • What does it cost to ship gummy bears from Austin to Portland?
  • What does it cost to send a 4-ounce letter from the Garden State to Paris, France?
  • What does it cost to ship 5 kilograms of potato chips from 78702 (East Austin) to 90210 (Beverly Hills)?

It’s amazing what the right API key (or keys) can do. James created the bot using Node.js and the Yelp and ShipEngine APIs. He took time to answer a few questions about identifying, evaluating and choosing APIs that can help build powerful software, streamline business processes, and save companies money.

Check out his post on how he created the Twitter bot, and read his thoughts on selecting APIs below.

Want to Learn More About Shipping APIs?

As online merchants, digital marketplaces and third-party logistics companies scale and start serving more and more customers, efficiency and savings become higher priorities. At ShipEngine, our shipping API integrates with your existing software to help with:

  • Printing shipping labels
  • Securing the lowest rates
  • Address validation
  • Shipment tracking
  • More

As your business, you can access powerful e-commerce tools through ShipEngine’s shipping APIs.

If you want more on choosing the best shipping API, download our guide.

And, if you’re Interested in playing around with ShipEngine, create a free account.

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