Listen: ShipEngine’s Jim Gagliardi Joins ‘The Modern Merchant’ Podcast

Last week, ShipEngine General Manager Jim Gagliardi appeared on Flxpoint’s “The Modern Merchant” podcast, chatting with Flxpoint CEO Travis Mariea and Flxpoint’s Go-To-Market Director Austin Rose. Jim answered questions like:

  • How is ShipEngine different from ShipStation?
  • How does ShipEngine serve non-parcel shippers?
  • What’s on ShipEngine’s roadmap for the future?
  • What global expansion challenges has ShipEngine faced?
  • How does ShipEngine connect with developers?

You can listen and watch their conversation using the video player below, or you can listen via your favorite podcast platform:

Flxpoint delivers comprehensive automation technology for online sellers that are scaling their businesses. You can learn more about Flxpoint here

ShipEngine is the leading shipping API, offering endpoints that empower users to:

  • Shop rates across more than 70 carriers, including parcel, LTL, domestic, international and regional options.
  • Validate addresses around the world.
  • Print shipping labels in real-time.
  • Track packages to their end destinations.
  • More.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how ShipEngine can help your brand, ecommerce platform or third-party logistics company solve shipping. You can also get a free API key (no credit card required) to start building with our shipping APIs.

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