ShipEngine Joins the International Warehouse Logistics Association

At ShipEngine, we are passionate about empowering merchants, ecommerce platforms and third-party logistics companies to solve shipping and to better meet the needs of their users and customers. That’s why ShipEngine has become a member of the International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) — an organization that has spent the last century-plus serving warehouse logistics operations.

“It’s important for us to be an active member of the warehouse and logistics community, so that we can share our knowledge and learn more about the needs of organizations in the space,” said ShipEngine Account Executive Jeff Ross. “Joining IWLA as a member is one of the best ways for us to connect with the community, to contribute and to learn.”

IWLA first started in the late 1800s as the American Warehousemen’s Association. Through the decades, the organization has grown and expanded to serve organizations around the world. Here’s a look at IWLA’s member profile:

  • About 84% of IWLA members are warehouse owners
  • About 60% of members have more than 16 years of experience in the industry
  • About 76% of IWLA’s member companies employ between 11 and 500 team members

ShipEngine is the world’s leading shipping API, providing a range of services and capabilities to logistics and warehouse operations, ecommerce stores, ecommerce platforms, system integrators and others. Built to meet the unique needs of developers, ShipEngine’s APIs allow for real-time label generation, rate quoting, parcel tracking, global address validation and more.

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