The USPS Suspends First Class Package International Service to Australia

Last week, the United States Postal Service announced a temporary suspension of its First Class Package International service to destinations in Australia. The suspension emerged from COVID-19-related challenges that have negatively affected carriers.

While you can still choose the USPS’s Priority Mail International and Priority Mail Express International services when shipping to Australia, the loss of First Class Package International service is sure to hinder ecommerce brands’ collective ability to serve Australian customers. 

Here’s a look at services available through ShipEngine that can help you continue serving your Australian customers during this temporary suspension.

Get Discounted UPS and USPS Rates

ShipEngine users enjoy discounts on select services through various carriers, including discounts through the USPS and UPS. While First Class Package International service is unavailable through the USPS for shipments to Australia, consider the 2 alternatives noted above:

UPS also offers reach to Australia through its international shipping services. Again, ShipEngine users pay less for many UPS services than they would by walking into a local UPS Store to ship a package. Get in touch with us for more details on how to take advantage of ShipEngine’s built-in discounts.

GlobalPost: International Shipping to 200-Plus Countries

There’s one other alternative that ecommerce brands should consider during this temporary suspension of service: GlobalPost. GlobalPost is an international shipping aggregator that uses a worldwide delivery network (including commercial carriers and international operators) to reach more than 200 countries and territories.

ShipEngine added a GlobalPost integration in late 2019, and our users have leveraged that integration to:

  • Verify addresses in countries around the world.
  • Create electronic customs forms.
  • Use international flats and large envelopes for shipments abroad.
  • Get instant refunds as needed.
  • Schedule free pickup services (in select markets).
  • Access $100 of included parcel coverage.

During the loss of First Class Package International service through the USPS to Australia, GlobalPost can offer similar services — plus access to countries around the globe. Get in touch with our team to learn more about connecting GlobalPost as a carrier through ShipEngine.

Solve Shipping for Your Ecommerce Business

Whether shipping to Australia or a domestic destination, ShipEngine can power your entire fulfillment operation so that you and your team can focus on what matters most to your business. With ShipEngine, ecommerce brands, platforms and third-party logistics companies can:

  • Shop rates across 70-plus carriers.
  • Validate addresses around the world.
  • Print labels in real-time.
  • Track shipments to their final destinations.
  • More.

Are you ready to solve shipping? Contact us to learn more about what ShipEngine can do for your business, or start building by securing your free API key (no credit card required).

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