Updated: The USPS Suspends Priority Mail International to China

Update: The USPS has announced it is restarting Priority Mail International service to China on Feb. 11, 2022. While the alternatives mentioned below are still available to you, Priority Mail International is back as an option for ecommerce brands and merchants.

Ecommerce merchants shipping to destinations in China lost one of their service options in late January. As of Jan. 28, the United States Postal Service has suspended Priority Mail International service to Chinese destinations. If a Priority Mail International shipment entered the mailstream prior to Jan. 28, the USPS will deliver it. But, if a shipment entered the mailstream on or after Jan. 28, it will be returned to its sender.

While this is unwelcome news for ecommerce brands shipping to China, options remain. See below for several shipping options you can consider for Chinese customers, and contact us to discuss how ShipEngine can help you access different carrier and service options for all your ecommerce shipping.

4 Options for Shipping to China

The USPS and other carriers can still help you fulfill ecommerce orders going to China. Try these 4 options when shipping to China is a key part of your business:

  • GlobalPost: Take advantage of GlobalPost through ShipEngine. GlobalPost, an Auctane product, facilitates fast and affordable shipping to international destinations. Get in touch with us to learn more about using GlobalPost for shipping to China.
  • USPS: The USPS has suspended Priority Mail International shipments to China, but you can still ship to China via First Class Mail International. Yes, First Class Mail is more affordable than Priority Mail, but it does require longer lead times for shipments to reach their destinations. Plan accordingly if you choose to switch from Priority Mail International to First Class Mail International.
  • UPS: ShipEngine offers pre-negotiated discounts of up to 86% when using the Daily Rate for international shipments by UPS. Take advantage of these discounts to reach China with either standard or express services.
  • DHL Express: DHL Express is another prominent carrier that you can use to complete shipments to China in the absence of Priority Mail International.

Access 100-Plus Carriers Through ShipEngine

Diversifying your carrier portfolio is one of the best ways to ship quickly and affordably. At ShipEngine, we offer access to more than 100 different carriers, including options for parcel shipping, regional shipping, international shipping, less-than-truckload (or LTL) shipping, plus more. Connect just once to ShipEngine, and you gain immediate access to all of these shipping integrations.

Our team is always here to help answer your ecommerce and shipping questions — and to help you navigate through challenges like the suspension of a key USPS service. Contact us to talk about your business and its ecommerce and shipping needs, or start a free trial to explore what ShipEngine can do for you.

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