2024 USPS Rate Increases and Service Changes

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January 2024 Updates

Effective January 21st, the USPS is implementing changes to shipping rates, affecting various services and package categories. ShipEngine remains committed to delivering top-notch service to its customers and is happy to announce that, through our partnership with USPS, customers can now enjoy enhanced discounts on Priority Mail® and Ground Advantage Rates™ compared to Commercial Plus rates.

Ground Advantage™

  • Ground Advantage™ under 1 pound: Up to 6.6% off
  • Ground Advantage™ over 1 pound: Up to 25.1% off
  • Ground Advantage™ Cubic: Up to 21.2% off

Quick reminder: Ground Advantage™, introduced in July 2023, combines USPS Retail Ground, USPS Parcel Select Ground, and USPS First Class Package Services. These changes apply to all weights, zones, and cubic dimensions over 12 ounces.

Priority Mail®

  • Priority Mail® 6-10 pounds: Up to 12% off
  • Priority Mail® Flat Rate: Now up to 2.5% off
  • Priority Mail® Cubic: Enjoy up to 15.8% off

The impact varies based on package details and travel distance. Always compare rates and services for the best fit.

USPS Hazardous Materials (HAZMAT) Label Enhancement

Beyond shipping rates, be aware of critical changes to HAZMAT labels starting January 21st. Safety measures are enhanced, featuring an oversized letter “H,” 2D barcodes, and “HAZMAT” after “USPS TRACKING #.” Shippers need not take any specific action other than selecting hazardous goods under special services when printing a label when a shipment contains hazardous materials.

Elevating Your Shipping

Despite changes, ShipEngine continues to offer significant savings on shipping costs, with discounts of up to 89% through its partnership with USPS and other carriers. Our mission is to streamline your shipping and mailing operations, providing discounted rates for a seamless sending process.

Stay ahead of the shifting shipping landscape, make informed decisions, and navigate the 2024 USPS shipping rate adjustments confidently with ShipEngine.

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