ShipEngine Offers New, Lower USPS® Shipping Rates

ShipEngine today announces the next phase of its partnership with the United States Post Office (USPS). In a renewed, direct agreement between the USPS and ShipEngine’s parent company, Auctane, we can now offer our customers lower shipping rates than ever before. 

What are the new USPS rates?

Our new agreement with USPS gives our valued customers the lowest USPS rates in the industry. ShipEngine users can expect savings of up to 89% off retail rates and up to 15% off Commercial Plus Pricing (CPP) on Priority Mail®. Additional discounts are available to customers who already use Cubic Pricing. 

Holiday Surcharges

In addition to automatically getting discounted rates, customers can (thankfully!) avoid high holiday surcharges this season. One thing to note, these holiday surcharges don’t apply to the weight and zone prices at CPP. But if it’s below CPP, you can avoid these surcharges!

When will rates go into effect? 

The new USPS rates have gone into effect as of October 19, 2022. ShipEngine customers automatically have access to these new rates. They do not need to take any steps to access them. 

What does this mean for ShipEngine customers?

As a ShipEngine customer, our renewed agreement with USPS gives you more savings on shipping costs than ever before. We want to ensure that our customers can manage their shipping operations efficiently, and our new agreement with USPS is another way we’ll continue to keep your shipping process running smoothly. 

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