CrateBase expands into new markets and cuts development costs

CrateBase, an operation platform helping record stores, sellers, and distributors ship efficiently, turned to ShipEngine to effortlessly expand their carrier library and enter new markets.

The Challenge: Adding and maintaining carriers

CrateBase is an exciting and unique business that enables its sellers to ship efficiently and process orders in the collectible space. Often handling rare items, such as vinyl records, it’s crucial to offer the right carriers and services for their customers. 

Before using/partnering with ShipEngine, CrateBase was shipping to European regions, with the goal being to expand into new markets. They found that integrating with carriers was taking up valuable resources and development time, as well as restricting the locations they could ship to.

The Solution: Integrating with ShipEngine’s global carrier library

CrateBase needed a solution that not only offered fantastic European coverage but also coverage across the United States. With ShipEngine, they can access over 100 carriers through a single integration. With a wide range of local and international carriers, CrateBase can expand its reach into the US as well as identify areas for growth in the future. 

The integration that ShipEngine provides means that CrateBase can connect to several carriers in the same amount of time it would have taken their development team to integrate with one.

In addition to the extensive carrier library, CrateBase found that ShipEngine’s extensive development documentation made it a straightforward process to use the APIs.

“Thanks to ShipEngine we were able to expand in the US and now we see our biggest growth opportunities there.”

Daniel Spijker, Founder, CrateBase

Going live in no time

Through ShipEngine, CrateBase launched in the US within a couple of months. 

CrateBase found that having ShipEngine support teams in the regions most relevant to their business was invaluable. This helped guide them through the complexities of shipping to new locations.

The Result: The ability for growth and ROI on development

Through the integration with ShipEngine, CrateBase has been able to offer a more valuable experience for their sellers. By offering more carriers and the ability to ship to new locations, their sellers can ship higher volumes with less hassle and grow their customer base.

CrateBase no longer has to worry as much about the intricacies of building out carrier connections, which in turn means reduced development resources committed to this. The focus can now be on simplifying other areas of their customers’ operations.

“90% of our label creation goes through ShipEngine. That has already been a huge cost and time saving on the development side and I see the ROI increasing more and more over time.”

Daniel Spijker
Founder, CrateBase

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