ShipEngine Empowers Fashion Brands to Delight Their Customers and Scale for the Future

Offer Delivery Options

Your customers get to choose the shipping cost, plus how and when they want shipments to arrive.

Shop Discounted Rates

ShipEngine offers pre-negotiated, discounted rates through leading carriers around the world.

Validate Global Addresses

Eliminate unnecessary returns and service-charge fees by validating addresses before you ship.

Print Labels in Real-Time

Save time on the fulfillment process by printing out shipping labels in real-time as orders arrive daily.

Send Branded Tracking Alerts

Keep customers in the loop by sending branded tracking alerts that share a shipment's location.

Manage Returns

Create a portal that streamlines the returns process and enhances the customer experience.

Connect to Leading Carriers and Order Sources

Rather than building and maintaining your own integrations, connect just once to ShipEngine and gain access to 100+ carriers and order sources.

ShipEngine offers integrations to parcel, regional, international and LTL carriers, as well as leading marketplaces, shopping carts and platforms.