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ChannelAdvisor is a cloud-based platform that helps sellers make sense of an e-commerce landscape that is growing more complex with each passing year. Founded in 2001, ChannelAdvisor now serves thousands of clients and facilitates billions of dollars in revenue flowing through its platform on an annual basis. ChannelAdvisor supports its clients with marketing, selling, fulfilling orders, and other tasks that are essential to e-commerce success.

Choose to connect your ChannelAdvisor account with ShipEngine and enjoy immediate access to deeply discounted shipping rates across a range of carriers. Using ShipEngine’s RESTful API, you can also import orders, calculate shipping rates, print labels, and track packages. Use ShipEngine’s services together, or choose any one service to use separately. When you integrate with ShipEngine, you can count on industry-leading uptime and robust documentation.

We Support

Rate shopping

Quickly compare rates across all carriers you’re connected to

Discounted labels

Generate labels at deeply discounted rates

Order import

Automatically import all of your ChannelAdvisor orders and quickly process them for shipment

Address validation

Ensure you have the correct address for every package that travels across the globe

Package tracking

Get real-time updates on the status of each shipment

Package insurance

Easily add package insurance through Shipsurance or your chosen shipping carrier

Customs documents

Generate the right customs documentation to ensure your international packages arrive without delay

Always on support

Connect with an API expert anytime you need to via Slack, email, or over the phone