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Our solutions utilize our global postal and logistics network coupled with dedicated IT and a world class customer support team. We are vendor neutral, which provides us with the flexibility to utilize the method that will meet your transit times, budgetary requirements, and service features, whether it be DDP, DDU, delivery confirmation, or returns management. RR Donnelley International Mail and Parcel helps streamline global distribution while increasing customer satisfaction. Our worldwide network, technology-backed support model, and extensive knowledge of international shipping requirements provide a seamless connected experience with delivery reliability and consistency allowing you to reach new markets and expand what’s possible for your business.

The RR Donnelley shipping API integration with ShipEngine provides simplified access to cost savings and flexible services for all of your global shipping needs. ShipEngine provides RR Donnelley customers the ability to save hours a day by automating many parts of the shipping and fulfillment process, including consolidating orders from multiple e-commerce channels, improving shipping and tracking visibility, and eliminating manual data entry.

We Support

Global Parcel Services

Including Delivery Confirmation as well as Delivery Duties paid and unpaid options.

Global Returns Management Programs

Spanning the globe and connecting with more than 200 countries.

Reduce USPS Consolidator Services

As a Postal qualified wholesaler for the USPS.