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R+L Carriers provides less-than-truckload (LTL) services to all 50 states plus Puerto Rico, emphasizing efficiency, visibility and cost reduction. R+L Carriers boasts 98% on-time service performance and 99.6% exception-free delivery rates. Take advantage of R+L Carriers’ services for shipments that are larger than parcels but that weigh less than 20,000 pounds — and do not need a full truckload.

You can now connect an existing R+L Carriers account for LTL shipping through ShipEngine, or you can create a new account to begin moving LTL shipments through ShipEngine. When you connect an R+L Carriers account within the ShipEngine dashboard, you will be able to get pricing for your LTL shipments, schedule pickups, track shipments, and auto-generate relevant invoices and documentation.