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Founded in 1976, SEKO has grown through the decades to now offer a worldwide network of transportation, warehouse, logistics, and forwarding services that together comprise a comprehensive supply chain solution. The SEKO team focuses on efficiency so that they can help customers optimize their own supply chains and expand to the global market.

ShipEngine users can add SEKO as a carrier and start shipping packages around the world.

When you add a SEKO connection to your ShipEngine account, you can shop real-time rates, print labels, and void labels as needed.

Don’t waste time and money on building out individual courier integrations to your platform, ecommerce store, or brand. Connect with ShipEngine’s flexible REST API and access 100+ seamless courier and marketplace integrations. Claim your free API key to get started.

The SEKO Integration Supports


Save money and ship faster to and from international markets such as the UK, the US, Australia, and New Zealand.


Explore our public docs for more information on connecting SEKO in ShipEngine.