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Let our UPS Canada shipping API integration save you from logistical nightmares. The UPS Canada integration allows our customers to do all of their UPS business shipping directly through the ShipEngine APIs — we support both domestic and international shipping.

Additionally, no need to export your order details to UPS Worldship® or any other programs to ship out via UPS using your own negotiated rates.

We Support

UPS Canada Negotiated Rates

Get your own rates whenever you ship UPS Canada through ShipEngine.

Carbon Neutral Program

If you take part in the UPS’s Carbon Neutral program, we can support everything that goes along with that.

3rd Party Billing

For both international and domestic orders, you can bill the shipping charges to a 3rd party (including duties & taxes, too).

Electronic Submission of Data

We automatically transmit both your customs data* and regular shipments, so there’s no need for End of Day or customs forms.

Saturday Delivery

Need something delivered on Saturday? Just add Saturday Delivery to your rate!