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Discover a world of home furnishings and decor at Wayfair, the leading online destination for a wide range of stylish and affordable products. From furniture to decor and everything in between,

Wayfair provides a convenient and enjoyable shopping experience for those looking to enhance their homes with quality and flair.


We Support

Rate shopping

Quickly compare rates across all carriers you’re connected to

Discounted labels

Generate labels at deeply discounted rates

Order import

Automatically import all of your Walmart orders and quickly process them for shipment

Address validation

Ensure you have the correct address for every package that travels across the globe

Package tracking

Get real-time updates on the status of each shipment

Package insurance

Easily add package insurance through Shipsurance or your chosen shipping carrier

Customs documents

Generate the right customs documentation to ensure your international packages arrive without delay

Always on support

Connect with an API expert anytime you need to via Slack, email, or over the phone