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Understanding 2023 Consumer Behaviors and Market Trends

Curious when consumers plan to start shopping for the holidays? Want to know where you should be selling online? Is free shipping still the top priority among online shoppers? ShipEngine’s peak season research analyzes data from global consumers and ecommerce merchants so you can better prepare for a successful holiday season, no matter where you sell.

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Early Bird Shoppers on the Rise

41% of holiday shoppers in the US will begin their shopping before October – the earliest of all the regions we surveyed. Merchants also intend to increase the number of holiday promotions this year and launch them pre-October.

More Consumers Paying for Premium Delivery

Surprisingly, consumers will prioritize delivery experiences as much as delivery costs this holiday season. The majority of Millennials and Gen Z are also more willing to pay up to $9 for premium delivery.

Marketplaces Dominate eCommerce Sales

With $253 billion in sales projected to take place on marketplaces this holiday season, merchants will want to make sure they’re taking advantage of an omnichannel approach.

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The Unprecedented Rise of Ecommerce

The Unprecedented Rise of Ecommerce

The global retail landscape continues to be dominated by cost-of-living concerns, as consumers feel the attritional effects of two years of squeezed disposable incomes. Consumers’ intention to cut back on non-essential spending remains high as shoppers continue to favor businesses and channels that offer value for money.

However, technological strides, digital transformation, and lessons from the past three years have prepared many businesses for a successful holiday season in 2023. This year, brands have the opportunity to provide multi-channel, value-driven solutions and exceptional shopping experiences across the entire customer journey, from the discovery of products to delivery and returns. Merchants are tasked with going beyond promises of free shipping; and opting for high-caliber, all-encompassing, and dependable services.

Throughout this report, we will review how global consumer expectations are continuing to evolve and detail actionable steps US ecommerce merchants can take to capitalize on growth in an ever-evolving industry.

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The Unprecedented Rise of Ecommerce
<h3>The report is divided into three main sections:</h3>
<h3>The report is divided into three main sections:</h3>

The report is divided into three main sections:

Section 1: Consumer Cut-Back Intentions & Merchant Sales Expectations

An overview of the macroeconomic forces and cost of living pressures facing consumers and how this impacts demand expectations during the holidays.

Section 2: Key Industry Themes for Holiday Shopping 2023

Explores evolving shopper behaviors and three key themes that will shape the performance of retail markets during the holiday shopping season – in particular, honing in on the rise of online marketplaces.

Section 3: Strategies for Holiday Success

Details five key strategies online merchants can employ to help navigate these changes in consumer expectations and behaviors, and boost sales through the holiday season and beyond.

Insights within this report are crucial for online merchants and retail organizations to better understand and navigate consumer demands ahead of the holiday season.

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