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Consumer and Shipping Trends Shaping 2023

From new markets to evolving delivery preferences, consumers and merchant needs have been reshaped by inflation and supply chain delays from the past few years. The modern shopper has a few new demands, but with just a few small tweaks you can be among the retailers delivering an amazing customer experience. Below are some of the highlights of the report.

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Shoppers Are Optimistic Despite Inflation

Of the $312 billion in inflation impacting global shoppers, $212 billion will hit American shoppers’ wallets. Despite this, Americans are not deterred from shopping. Find out how they’re changing their shopping habits because of inflation.

High Shipping Costs Lose Customers

60.9% of consumers said “high shipping costs” would make them less likely to shop with a brand. This leads customers to go elsewhere to find the products they want.

Sell on Social Media

With the average person spending 2.45 hours on social media a day, selling on these platforms is as crucial as any other selling channel.

How Much To Charge For Returns

While customers will always prefer returns to be free, different age groups are more willing to pay for returns than others.

The Importance Warehouse Automation

An automated warehouse cuts costs, reduces errors, and streamlines fulfillment. We asked merchants how introducing automation improved processes. Unlock the potential of your team to create a more efficient fulfillment process that saves you time and money.

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