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GlobalPost allows you to sell your products worldwide without the hassle. A product of, GlobalPost is an international consolidator that can process shipments at the same cost as the United States Postal Service (USPS). Take advantage of easy-to-use technology, best-in-class customer service and seamless integrations with the top shipping platforms to connect with international markets and expand your company’s reach. GlobalPost makes growing your business fast, easy and affordable. GlobalPost can facilitate domestic shipments, too.

The United States is planning to withdraw from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) on Oct. 17, 2019. The UPU is a global organization that sets shipping rates for cross-border deliveries across 192 countries. As the withdrawal dates nears, online sellers are anxiously seeking alternatives to the USPS for their international shipments. ShipEngine’s integration with GlobalPost means that both new and existing ShipEngine users can quickly configure a GlobalPost connection and continue shipping internationally as needed — even after a potential U.S. withdrawal from the UPU.

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Team of Support – A dedicated support team sets Access Worldwide apart

Access Worldwide labors over logistics so you can be everywhere your customers are with seamless implementation

Tools – Offering feature-rich online tools & the latest technology

Access Worldwide has developed unique, proprietary technologies that bring a whole new level of accuracy and transparency to your world of business.

Lowest Total Cost of Delivery – Solutions that save you more

Full global tracking at 50% less shipping costs, with three simple Domestic and International services

Trusted Process – 13-step Delivery System

Access Worldwide’s sophisticated 13-Step Delivery System includes 3 Specific Quality Checkpoints that ensure superior quality control for better outcomes and on-target deliveries.