Join The Delivery Conference Hosted Virtually by Metapack

The ecommerce wave has been coming steadily for years now. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the shift from shopping at brick-and-mortar stores to shopping online, and the realities of this age of ecommerce and the future of online selling will be discussed at The Delivery Conference, hosted virtually by Metapack on Feb. 8, live from London. Registration is free.

ShipEngine and Metapack are members of the Auctane family of ecommerce shipping solutions. Auctane’s products can solve shipping forany ecommerce platforms, brand, third-party logistics company, warehouse operation and others. 

The Deliver Conference includes:

  • More than 1,500 leaders from around the industry.
  • More than 700 ecommerce brands.
  • More than 20 speakers.
  • And about 9 education sessions.

Members of the Metapack team will be available to answer questions and chat about your unique shipping needs. Feel free to ask about ShipEngine and its ecommerce shipping solutions as you visit with your Metapack hosts.

If you’d like to try ShipEngine ahead of The Delivery Conference, you can always start a free trial. You can also schedule time to talk with one of our own shipping and ecommerce experts by contacting us.

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