New Integrations Available for ShipEngine Carrier


ShipEngine is committed to offering the best shipping solutions for large-scale businesses. Along with our integrations to hundreds of global carriers, we provide direct carrier access through ShipEngine Carriers. You can ship with four newly added providers: GlobalPost, Canada Post, EVRi, and Yodel. These new integrations join UPS®, USPS®, and other providers that you can access as soon as you sign up ShipEngine. These new partnerships provide new shipping options for shipments originating in the US, Canada, and the UK. Keep an eye out, because we have more integrations coming soon!

What is ShipEngine Carriers?

ShipEngine Carriers is a collection of shipping provider accounts that are unique to your ShipEngine account. Each of these new native shipping solutions uses the same postage balance within ShipEngine. ShipEngine Carriers uses the funds in your ShipEngine Balance to fund label creation. A major benefit is that these services are available for immediate use on all of our plan levels. With these options, you can compare our native rates against any of your existing carrier accounts you wish to connect. 

GlobalPost Added in the US

Shipments originating in the US can now access even more ShipEngine Carriers services. Along with USPS and UPS, we’re adding more robust international delivery options thanks to GlobalPost. GlobalPost provides international parcel shipping and consolidation services to over 220 countries. It utilizes a network of last-mile carriers and delivery providers to offer a mix of speed and affordability that is hard to beat. 

Canada Post Added in Canada

Canada Post is now available to use for shipments originating in Canada. This is the first ShipEngine Carriers integration for Canada, but it certainly won’t be the last. We support sixteen services for domestic, cross-border, and international shipping options. You can also still use your own Canada Post account. We also have a range of Canadian carriers and delivery integrations available. 

Yodel and EVRi Added in the UK

In addition to our nearly twenty UK integrations, shipments can now access two new providers from ShipEngine Carriers. There’s no need to create and connect individual carrier accounts if you ship with Yodel or Evri. 


EVRi (formerly Hermes) provides businesses of all sizes with delivery services throughout the UK. This integration can access domestic shipping services, including next-day delivery options. Signature confirmation options and custom package types are available. We also provide a standalone EVRi integration with more options including international delivery.


Yodel is a prominent parcel delivery service in the UK, known for its extensive network and efficient logistics. With ShipEngine Carriers, you can access domestic services like Yodel Direct. We also support custom package types. We also have a standalone Yodel integration. This supports more features and services including international shipping options. 

Scale Shipping With ShipEngine

As ShipEngine adds more immediate access to carriers, we also provide a range of solutions for businesses of all shapes, needs, and sizes. Our integrations with hundreds of carriers and order sources provide programmatic delivery solutions. Regardless of what you need—an in-house shipping solution, a way to provide shipping functionality on your platform, or any other custom logistics solutions—our robust APIs can help empower fulfillment, shipping, and delivery. We power parcel delivery for 3PLs, marketplaces like Facebook, and much more. Our embeddable UI elements and shipping APIs can power your platforms, too! Chat with one of our experts today to learn how partnering with ShipEngine can solve shipping.

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