Paperless Shipping: ShipEngine Now Supports Label Broker From the USPS

Ecommerce platforms and brands thrive when their user and customers enjoy the most streamlined experience imaginable. But there’s traditionally been one big hang-up when it comes to creating ease-of-use for consumers — printing labels for returns and peer-to-peer shipments.

Not everyone has a printer at home. And, even if everyone did, it’s not always convenient to use one. That’s why ShipEngine now supports Label Broker by the United States Postal Service. Label Broker from the USPS allows anyone to display a QR code when dropping off packages at the Post Office. A postal worker can then scan the QR code to generate and apply a valid shipping label.

When ShipEngine users take advantage of Label Broker and the paperless shipping it makes possible, their own users and customers enjoy 3 primary benefits:

  • Greater Mobility: Consumers today lead busy lives, and it’s not always easy to ship packages and make returns when they are on the move. Paperless shipping via Label Broker provides greater mobility for anyone trying to fit shipping into a hectic schedule.
  • Enhanced Convenience: The intake process for Label Broker shipments is fast and easy. An individual only needs to walk into a Post Office, where a retail associate needs only to scan a QR code in order to print out and apply the right label.
  • More Options: When you give your users and customers access to Label Broker, you give them options. They can choose to print labels at home or at the office if that’s what is most convenient. They can also take advantage of Label Broker’s QR scanning if that’s easier. It’s up to your users and customers!

Are you ready to make Label Broker available to your users and customers? Visit our documentation to find more details and code samples that can help you quickly make this service available through your integration.

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