ShipEngine Now Supports FedEx Ground Collect

ShipEngine users enjoy automatic access to FedEx and more than 30 other carrier integrations when they choose ShipEngine as their shipping API. And our FedEx integration just got better!

We are proud to announce that FedEx Ground Collect is now available as a shipping service through ShipEngine. FedEx Ground Collect allows a recipient to use their own FedEx account when receiving shipments. The recipient shares a special “placard” for the FedEx courier to scan upon deliver so that their account is billed. 

  • Big manufacturing companies often ask providers of parts to use FedEx Ground Collect.
  • Large online sellers sometimes mandate that their suppliers send products via FedEx Ground Collect.
  • Third-party logistics companies and warehouse operations may offer FedEx Ground Collect as a service for their customers and partners.
  • Big-box stores often require wholesalers to ship products using FedEx Ground Collect.
FedEx Ground Collect users include: manufacturing companies, online sellers, third party logistics firms, warehouse operations, big-box stores

Big-box stores are perhaps the most common users of FedEx Ground Collect. If you are a wholesaler shipping product to stores like Best Buy, Neiman Marcus, Target and others, your shipping costs would quickly add up. But, when using FedEx Ground Collect, the big-box stores themselves are able to use their own FedEx accounts to accept shipping charges.

How does this work within ShipEngine?

Previously in ShipEngine, users could select a collect-on-delivery option, however they were required to input the recipient’s FedEx account number. With the new FedEx Ground Collect integration, you can now adjust the “bill_to_party” field without needing to collect account information.  

Users select FedEx Ground as the shipping service and do not provide a bill to account to use FedEx Ground Collect. This allows for the recipient to accept charges on their own account when the FedEx courier scans the recipient’s placard.

Code sample from ShipEngine documentation on how to create an API call for a FedEx Ground Collect shipment

FedEx Ground Collect is just one of many shipping services available through our 30-plus carriers. Are you ready to explore the leading shipping API and what it can do for your business? Get a free ShipEngine API key and start building.

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