ShipEngineer Spotlight: Olivia Arredondo

What is your role at ShipEngine?

As an Account Manager on the ShipEngine sales team, I am the first point of contact — and advocate — for our enterprise and platform users. I ensure that our users are having the best possible ShipEngine experience and meeting their shipping goals with us.

What does your typical work day look like? 

It varies, but my morning routine doesn’t change. I start my day with black coffee and a big glass of water to keep me caffeinated and hydrated, then I check my email, calendar, and Slack notifications.

Daily, I work closely with the support team on technical solutions, and my team as new accounts come onboard with us. It’s critical that I’m proactive, so I’ll always be in the loop with what’s going on with a new account well before I’m introduced as their account manager.

What’s one feature of ShipEngine you want more users to discover?

We have top-notch support available 24/7. Communication between us and our users is the foundation of everything that we do, and we’re here to help with anything and everything.

How long have you been working on ShipEngine?

I joined ShipEngine this fall, and was previously on the Enterprise Support Team at our sister company, ShipStation.

Olivia Arredondo, Account Manager at ShipEngine API, on rooftop in Austin, Texas

How did you get into this type of work?

I majored in English (literary criticism) at The University of Texas at Austin with the intention of working in user experience. My studies in writing and storytelling strengthened my communication and marketing skills. Not to mention, art and literature alone have the power to teach empathy and the understanding of different perspectives.

I’ve worked in content marketing and support roles in a variety of industries, including higher education technology and online dating. Once I found my way into e-commerce, I knew right away that this industry is a perfect fit for me. The hustle-and-bustle and the exponential growth of e-commerce is unmatched.

What tech do you get to work with?

On a daily basis, I use Gmail, Google Drive, Salesforce, Zoom, and Evernote. Weekly, I use Looker, Postman, Zendesk, and JIRA to monitor my accounts. I also have a physical calculator on my desk for quick number-crunching. It’s teal with orange and white buttons — very cute!

How do you spend your free time?

I engage in what I call “alternative exercise” — bouldering, paddle boarding, and shopping at malls that require a lot of walking. I’m also a homebody at heart and enjoy reading, cooking, or baking while listening to my record player or a podcast.

I also have two cats, Casey (4) and Mia (2), who I enjoy spending time with. I love them like they’re my children. They greet me at the front door every single time I come home.

What is one of your proudest achievements? 

Going to therapy. No matter what you’re going through, having someone objective to talk to is so important.

What do you love most about Austin?

The restaurant scene! I’d say at least half of the pictures on my phone are of me and my friends at different restaurants and bars. We often bond over food, and there are unique eateries in every neighborhood.

If you love brunch as much as I do, come dine in Austin! A few of my favorite places include: Blue Dahlia, Eberly, and Hillside Farmacy.

What did you want to be when you “grow up”? 

A pop star, a lawyer, or an author. I also don’t see any reason why I can’t still achieve these dreams!

Olivia Arredondo, Account Manager at ShipEngine API, swinging on a hammock on the beach

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