Wondering How to Ship a Package From Home? Meet ShipBot

There’s nothing worse than walking up to your local Post Office or UPS Store and seeing a line that stretches out the door. In moments when lines are long and time is short, many people wonder how to ship a package from home.

That’s why ShipBot exists. ShipBot is the fastest, easiest way to print a USPS or UPS shipping label from the comforts of your own home. You get to skip the line at the Post Office or UPS store. You get access to discounted shipping rates. And you don’t even have to create an account.

You’re just a few clicks away from getting the shipping label you need. Here’s a look at how it works, who typically uses ShipBot, plus how ShipBot is related to ShipEngine. 

How Does ShipBot Work?

ShipBot was designed for anyone who dreads going to the Post Office or UPS Store. There should be a simpler way to print off a shipping label — and now there is one. With ShipBot, you can ship your package in 4 simple steps:

  • Measure: Enter the weight and dimensions of your package. If you don’t have a scale, an estimate will suffice for the weight. 
  • Choose: Once you enter your package’s weight and dimensions, ShipBot will give you USPS and UPS service options and their related prices. Choose the service you prefer, and purchase your shipping label.
  • Print: You will get a PDF label. Print it off and securely attach to your package.
  • Ship: You can drop off your package at USPS locations or UPS locations, or you can conveniently schedule a USPS pickup or UPS pickup.

When you find yourself wondering: How do I ship a package from home? Just follow the 4 steps listed above.

The Benefits of Shipping From Home With ShipBot

You get to skip the line and expedite the shipping process. But you also get a host of other benefits when shipping from home with ShipBot:

  • Discounted Postage: ShipBot is powered by ShipEngine, the world’s leading shipping API. We offer pre-negotiated discounts of up to 40% off USPS services and up to 76% off UPS Daily Rates. These discounts are available to all ShipBot users, which makes the app your cheapest way to ship a package from home. Get the best price to ship a package through ShipBot.
  • Forward Labels: You can also forward a shipping label if you need someone to send you a package. We send you an email with your PDF label included, and you can forward the label to anyone who needs to ship. 
  • Print From Anywhere: You’re only limited by your access to a printer. (And, even if you don’t have a printer, you can choose a Paperless Label through the USPS and present your code when dropping a package at a participating location.) Wherever you are, you can quickly print a shipping label, attach to a package and then drop off or schedule a pickup. It’s that simple.
  • No Account Required: Some web-based applications walk you through a lengthy process only to force you to create an account at the end. Not ShipBot. For speed and convenience, you can print discounted shipping labels without creating an account.

You do enjoy the option to create an account. After creating an account, you can save addresses for quick re-entry, access old shipping labels, easily reference tracking numbers, plus more. Account creation speeds up the shipping process even more, making ShipBot the fastest way to ship a package from home.

ShipBot: The Best Way to Ship a Heavy Package

In most cases, the heavier a package the more it will cost to ship. But, because of pre-negotiated discounts, ShipBot remains the best way to ship a heavy package within carrier limits. The USPS will accept parcels up to 70 pounds. UPS will accept parcels up to 150 pounds. 

Not sure how much your package weighs? If you have an at-home weight scale, weigh yourself holding the package, and then weigh yourself without the package. The difference between the numbers is your package’s weight.

For example, you step onto a scale with your package, and the total weight is 230 pounds. Then you step onto a scale without your package, and the total weight is 200 pounds. You have a 30-pound package, and ShipBot is the cheapest way to ship a 30 lb package from the comforts of your own home.

Who Needs to Print a Shipping Label?

Has a houseguest ever left something (a book, a phone charger, a hair dryer) at your house? 

Have you ever wanted to send a birthday gift to an out-of-state nephew or niece?

Have you ever needed to send something to a manufacturer for repair?

Each of these situations will leave you wondering how to ship a package from home as quickly, easily and affordably as possible. ShipBot makes getting shipping labels and sending your parcels quicker, easier and more affordable than ever.

ShipBot is also ideal for businesses and other organizations that do a small amount of shipping each month. As your shipping ramps up, you can always transition from ShipBot to one of the ecommerce shipping solutions in the same portfolio as ShipBot: ShippingEasy, ShipStation or ShipWorks.

ShipBot, Powered by ShipEngine

ShipBot is powered by ShipEngine, which is the leading multi-carrier shipping API and logistics solution. ShipEngine users can connect to our platform via API and start:

  • Calculating shipping rates across 70-plus carriers worldwide.
  • Validating addresses around the world.
  • Printing shipping labels in real-time.
  • Tracking packages to their final destinations.

ShipBot uses its connection to ShipEngine to calculate USPS and UPS rates on your behalf, to validate your ship-from and ship-to addresses, and to create a PDF for you to print and secure to the package.

Interested in learning more about ShipEngine, ShipBot (the easiest way to ship a package), or shipping in general? Get in touch with us.

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