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API design guidelines are an integral part of developer experience, not to mention the overall success of your API product. On Aug. 15, we had the pleasure of hosting three knowledgable members from the industry at our ShipEngine headquarters in Austin, to speak on the importance of this topic.

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Importance of API Guidelines by Mike Kistler, IBM

Mike Kistler delivered our keynote presentation at August’s meetup, addressing the various API Design Guidelines he and his colleagues have implemented at IBM.

He currently leads a team that is creating a first-class developer experience for IBM Cloud platform, focused especially on the generation of Software Development Kits (SDKs) for IBM Cloud services from OpenAPI definitions.

Download a copy of Mike’s presentation here, or view it above to hear his foolproof methods for developing strong and clear API Design Guidelines.

How to Test APIs When You Don’t Know the Language, by James Lockwood, Yuuvis

Javascript developer at Yuuvis, James Lockwood, also offered a great perspective on the challenges he faced—and tools he used—when testing APIs in different programming languages. This presentation offers great insight for those intimidated by testing in languages they’re not fluent in.

If you’re interested in seeing a PDF of James’ presentation, we’ve got you covered!

Lightning Demo on Spectral by Vincenzo Chianese, Stoplight

We were also excited to welcome a few friends from, who were visiting their Austin headquarters from abroad. Software Engineer, Vincenzo Chianese, guided us through a lightning demo of Spectral, Stoplight’s recently launched open source, flexible JSON linter. Check out his presentation from the #AustinAPI meetup to see how this new product helps promote consistency within API design.

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