Young Developers Integrate ShipEngine at Hackathon in NYC

Never underestimate the ability of young developers to deliver amazing results. At the Open Source ERPs Hackathon, 7 teams made up of students and young professionals created stunning products that featured ShipEngine integrations. This Hackathon in NYC took place from May 17–19 at the General Assembly Building in Manhattan’s Flatiron District.

Friday: Getting Started

Participants from around the region arrived at the Hackathon on Friday. They started with a little bit of networking and dinner, and then Jud Harris and James Messinger of ShipEngine presented on ShipEngine’s APIs and how to start using the tools needed for success during the Hackathon.

Saturday: Ideas Start to Take Shape

Over the course of Saturday, teams formed and Hackathon ideas took shape. Mentors provided guidance to teams that needed it, and presentations throughout the day covered an array of topics, including:

  • Designing Your App for Success
  • Using Text Analysis and Data Modeling
  • Data Security and the Enterprise
  • 3D Printing and Manufacturing Management
  • Java for Newbs
  • Build and Deploy a HoneyPot System
  • Intro to Python
  • Build Your Devops Infrastructure Using Terraform

The list of mentors and presenters included: Maryam Jahanshahi (TapRecruit), Traci Carnes (NetCom Learning), Rebecca Sealfon (Byte Academy), Christina Perla (Makelab), Gabriel Tan (Exchange Traded Concepts), Athmane Bouazzouni (Tradewind Markets), Nimma Bhusri (Capital One), Allison Williams (Newark Venture Partners), Maria Papageorgiou (Byte Academy) and others, in addition to ShipEngine’s team members who were on hand.

Sunday: Presentations and Prize Money

By Sunday morning, teams were putting the finishing touches on their projects. Hacking ended at noon, followed by a review session for the panel of judges. During the closing ceremony, teams were awarded a series of prizes — including a $1,000 grand prize for the best ShipEngine integration.

Each of 7 teams shared impressive products they had created over the previous 48 hours. For example, one team presented the concept for StreamShopper, a mobile app that would let consumers stream the shopping experience and make e-commerce orders from inside of brick-and-mortar stores. See the brief demo:

The team that presented Shimple, though, took home the grand prize. Shimple is a “centralized shipping platform where users can manage shipments from multiple selling platforms.” Team members designed Shimple to reduce costs, save time and improve the customer experience. The hackers behind Shimple were Alicia Chan, Dmitriy Tyutyunik, Danielle Czirmer, Samuel Fagbamigme and Yu-Jung Ko.

Team Shimple won 2 other prizes, including the opportunity to send one of its team members to Zurich for an upcoming invite-only hackathon.

Special thanks to Jeremy Andrews of Open Source ERPs for planning the Hackathon and to General Assembly for providing the venue. And congratulations to all of the students and young professionals who spent their weekend using ShipEngine to create e-commerce platforms and other products.

Check back soon as we’ll post more content from the Hackathon in the coming days. Are you interested in using ShipEngine just the like the students and young professionals at the Hackathon in NYC? Get a free API key and start exploring today.

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