Cetec ERP Reduces Development Costs by 5x With ShipEngine

Looking to provide a functional shipping solution within your ecommerce platform or business management software? Whether you run an ERP, SCM or WMS, you can harness the power of ShipEngine for your users by white labeling our API through the PartnersAPI program.

Cetec ERP, an all-in-one SaaS cloud Enterprise Resource Planning software built for manufacturers and distributors, found success with ShipEngine when looking to solve high-volume shipping for their users.

The Challenge: Providing a Seamless Shipping Solution

Prior to ShipEngine, Cetec ERP allocated dedicated development time to building out integrations with FedEx APIs, UPS APIs, and USPS APIs directly within their web-based platform. The issue they discovered was the constant maintenance required for each carrier API integration. As the APIs and systems change, it takes an enormous investment in resources to maintain and improve any given integration.

The Solution: White Labeling ShipEngine’s APIs

For Cetec, the decision to seek out a third-party shipping solution was a matter of realizing that they needed to prioritize their development focus on what they knew best: building reliable Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software for their customers.

As the leadership team at Cetec began researching new solutions, they landed on ShipEngine because of the comprehensive documentation, overall ease of use, and the ability to use the Partner API program to extend these efficient and reliable shipping tools to their users with minimal build out and maintenance required on their end.

“Integrating with ShipEngine, for us, solved all of those problems because we can integrate ShipEngine, and then ShipEngine handles all of the [shipping-related] pieces for us. It keeps our customers moving and they’re very happy.”

Taylor Wagen
COO, Cetec ERP

The Process: Minimal Integration Time, Superior Support

After signing up for their free API key, Cetec’s engineers were able to explore the Open API and extensive documentation and saw just how easy it would be use ShipEngine to solve shipping for their users. They contacted the sales team to get set up with a Partner API account, and started building their customized shipping solution directly into their web-based platform, through a Shipping Plugin, allowing their customers to go step-by-step through a fully automated process including:

  • Comparing carrier rates
  • Validating global or domestic addresses
  • Printing shipping & pay-on-use return labels

The Result: Efficient API Calls & Cost Savings on Shipping

Through the integration with ShipEngine, Cetec ERP has created a number of value adds for their platform, and efficiencies within their internal processes. Among these are the cost savings they’ve been able to pass on to their customers, of which they’re very proud.

“One of our visions and cultural hallmarks is attempting to leverage newer technology to pass cost savings on to our customers, so this integration has been very central to our mission.”

Jordan Jolly
Director of Sales, Cetec ERP

Cetec estimates that they have not only saved the company approximately 90% in projected development costs by partnering with ShipEngine, but — as a result — will also be able to reduce the cost of their Shipping Plugin for their customers by 5x over the next ten years.

Ready to help solve shipping for your users? Contact sales for more information on how to white label our shipping API to your users. 

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