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Partners API

What is the Partners API?

The ShipEngine Partners API is designed to be a lightweight endpoint that provides ShipEngine partners with ShipEngine account provisioning and management tools. Used in concert with the Carrier Connect API, ShipEngine partners can completely white-label the ShipEngine experience provided within a custom-built application.

What does it do?

The Partners API was designed to be simple with only a few endpoints. Primarily, it allows you to:

  • Programmatically provision new ShipEngine Accounts
  • Manage Your ShipEngine Account's API Keys
  • Query Your ShipEngine Accounts
  • Enable/Disable Your ShipEngine Accounts

Did we say it was simple? It's very simple.

Managing Accounts

Since the Partners API gives you the ability to Create an Account API Key you just create a ShipEngine API key. Once you have a ShipEngine key, you can use our ShipEngine API Documentation to start getting ship done!