Ship UPS® Ground Saver on ShipEngine and Start Saving Today

One of the most frustrating things merchants deal with is shipping costs eating into the bottom line. If this rings true for you as well, consider UPS® Ground Saver. This shipping option is perfect for small and medium-sized businesses, platforms, and marketplaces. Not only does UPS® Ground Saver save you money on shipping costs, but it also streamlines deliveries and increases customer satisfaction!

Benefits of UPS® Ground Saver:

With UPS® Ground Saver, businesses enjoy an economy rate for residential, lightweight shipments. There is no minimum volume commitment, and the service provides transit times that are predictable and consistent. This means that businesses can plan their shipments and ensure timely delivery to their customers.

UPS® Ground Saver provides full-visibility tracking for packages from pick up to delivery, ensuring that businesses have complete control over their shipments. This feature gives businesses the ability to track their shipments in real-time, providing peace of mind and reducing the chances of packages getting lost.

Another great benefit of UPS® Ground Saver is its availability across the United States. Businesses can use this service to ship their packages within the 48 contiguous states of the US, making it an ideal option for businesses that operate nationwide.

Finally, UPS® Ground Saver offers flexible drop-off and pick-up options, giving businesses the flexibility to choose the best option that fits their schedules. With this service, businesses can easily streamline their deliveries and focus on their core operations.

When Should I Use UPS® Ground Saver?

UPS® Ground Saver is particularly advantageous for lightweight, low-value packages. Clothing – for example – is lightweight and can be shipped using the service without breaking the bank. The cost savings from using this service can then be passed on to customers or used to increase profit margins.

It is important to note that there are size and weight restrictions for UPS® Ground Saver. Packages cannot exceed 70 pounds in weight and 108 inches in length and girth combined. Businesses need to ensure that their shipments fall within these limits to avoid additional charges or delays.

How Do I Use UPS® Ground Saver?

If you are an existing UPS® customer or already have a ShipEngine Account, accessing and utilizing UPS® Ground Saver is quick and easy. As a ShipEngine customer, you already have access to UPS® Ground Saver. For more details on how to connect your ShipEngine and UPS account you can check out our carrier guide. As an existing customer of ShipEngine, UPS® Ground Saver will automatically apply a discount to your shipping costs based on the origin and destination of your package.

If you have any further questions or need assistance with utilizing UPS® Ground Saver, the ShipEngine Help Center is available to assist you.

UPS® Ground Saver offers an easy, cost-effective way to streamline your deliveries. This new service can help your business save time and money while still providing reliable service to your customers. Don’t let shipping costs get you down – start saving with UPS® Ground Saver today!

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