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UPS Carrier Guide

This article provides the following details about setting up UPS as a carrier in ShipEngine:

United Parcel Service, Inc. (UPS) is the world's largest domestic and international package delivery company and a fully integrated partner with ShipEngine.

UPS offers basic retail shipping services as well as negotiated rate programs and consolidation services such as UPS Mail Innovations®.

Negotiated Rates are the contract rates established with UPS and your UPS Account Representative. Enable Negotiated Rates within your shipping or rating systems and be able to view the most current and accurate rates for your UPS account.

Whether you need to create a new UPS account, or you are ready to connect an existing one to ShipEngine, the setup guides below can get you started.

This guide provides developers an overview of shipping services that UPS offers and the service codes that you will use to create UPS shipments.

Connect Your Account

ShipEngine API allows you to connect your UPS accounts programmatically without logging in to the ShipEngine API dashboard. This is useful if you have wrapped a custom UI around the ShipEngine API toolset and want to add or disconnect existing carrier accounts without exposing your end users to the API dashboard.

These APIs can be used in parallel with the ShipEngine Partner APIs to programmatically create new ShipEngine users, and then connect existing UPS accounts all via the API without logging into a dashboard. Together these APIs empower you to completely white-label the ShipEngine experience for your end users.

Continue below for instructions on how to programmatically connect UPS using the ShipEngine API.

For instructions on connecting UPS via the ShipEngine dashboard, go to our UPS help article.

UPS Account Information Model

nicknameThis is a nickname for you to identify the carrier account in ShipEngine.string, required
account_numberAccount Numberstring, required

Example POST Call

POST /v1/connections/carriers/UPS

POST /v1/connections/carriers/ups HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
"nickname": "My UPS account",
"account_number": "123456789"


You will now receive a 302 response with a Location header. You must redirect your user to the URL from this header, which will land on a UPS sign-in screen.

"Location": ""

We advise redirecting the user to this location URL in a pop-up window. When the user has signed in, they will land on a page that will direct them to close the window. At this point your application should make a List Carrier call to retrieve the new list of connected carrier accounts.

Upcoming feature: when the user is on this page, we will broadcast an on-click event that your application can listen to in order to know that the connection has completed.

Modify UPS Settings

ShipEngine takes advantage of some of UPS's advanced functionality but does not enable it by default. These settings can be updated in the Dashboard or via the API.

pickup_typeenumerated stringdaily_pickup, occasional_pickup, customer_counter
See our Find Pick-Up/Drop-Off (PUDO) Locations article to learn more.
use_negotiated_ratesboolIf your account has been approved for Negotiated Rates, you can use this option to enable the account to use those rates. Once enabled, Negotiated Rates cannot be disabled.
use_consolidation_servicesboolEnable UPS SurePost® or UPS Mail Innovations®

UPS Service Details

Domestic and International Services

ServiceTransit TimeCombined Length and Girth (L+2W+2H)Max WeightService Codes
UPS® Ground1-5 Business days165” (419cm)150 Ibsups_ground
UPS 3 Day Select®3 Business days165” (419cm)150 Ibsups_3_day_select
UPS 2nd Day Air®2 Business days165” (419cm)150 Ibsups_2nd_day_air
UPS 2nd Day Air A.M.®2 Business days (before noon)165” (419cm)150 Ibsups_2nd_day_air_am
UPS Next Day Air Saver®1 Business day (End of day)165” (419cm)150 Ibsups_next_day_air_saver
UPS Next Day Air®1 Business day165” (419cm)150 Ibsups_next_day_air
UPS Next Day Air® Early1 Business day (delivery between 8:00 am-10:00 am)165” (419cm)150 Ibsups_next_day_air_early_am
UPS® Standard (International)Delivery times can vary by location165” (419cm)150 Ibsups_standard_international
UPS WorldWide Expedited®2-5 Business days (Delivery times can vary by location)165” (419cm)150 Ibs.ups_worldwide_expedited
UPS WorldWide Saver®1-3 Business Days (Delivery times can vary depending on location)165” (419cm)150 Ibs.ups_worldwide_saver
UPS WorldWide Express®1-3 Business Days (Delivery times can vary depending on location)165” (419cm)150 Ibsups_worldwide_express

Predefined Packages

Predefined Package NamePackage CodeDimensions
UPS Letterups_letter12.5-15in x 9.5in
UPS 10 KG Box®ups_10_kg_box16.5in x 13.25in x 10.75in
UPS 25 KG Box®ups_25_kg_box19.75in x 17.75in x 13.25in
UPS Tubeups_tube Triangular tube for rolled papers
38in x 6in x 6in
UPS Express® Pakups_express_pak16in x 12.75 in
UPS Express® Boxups_express_box12.5in x 3.75in x 18in
UPS Express® Box - Smallups_express_box_small13in x 11in x 2in
UPS Express® Box - Mediumups_express_box_medium16in x 11in x 3in
UPS Express® Box - Largeups__express_box_large18in x 13in x 3in

Additionally, UPS has 10 predefined packages that can be used with the UPS Mail Innovations® domestic and international services:

Predefined Package NamePackage CodeMin/Max Weight
MI - BPM Flatmi_bpm_flat0.1 lb. - 15 lbs.
MI - BPM Parcelmi_bpm_parcel0.1 lb. - 15 lbs.
MI - First Classmi_first_class0.1 lb. - 13 lbs.
MI - Irregularsmi_irregulars1 oz. - 16 oz.
MI - Machinablesmi_machinables6 oz. - 16 oz.
MI - Media Mailmi_media_mail0.1 lb. - 70 lbs.
MI - Parcel Postmi_parcel_post0.1 lb. - 70 lbs.
MI - Prioritymi_priority0.9 lb. - 70 lbs.
MI - Standard Flatmi_standard_flat0.1 oz. - 16 oz.
MI Intl - BPMmi_intl_bpm0.1 lb. - 15 lbs.
MI Intl - Flatsmi_intl_flats0.1 oz. - 16 oz.
MI Intl - Parcelsmi_intl_parcels0.1 lb. - 15 lbs.

Return Services+

Return services not supported for this carrier.

Although UPS Mail Innovations® does offer a return service for users, we do not currently support it in ShipEngine.

If you attempt to create a return label using UPS Mail Innovations®, you will see an "Object reference not set to an instance of an object" error message.

UPS SurePost® does not support returns. If attempted, this error happens: "Message: An error has occurred.", "ExceptionMessage: The document has no pages."

Account Setup Guides

Create a New UPS Account

  1. Go to and choose your region.

    UPS Region Selection
  2. Click Sign Up at the top of the page.

    UPS New User
  3. Enter your information, check the box to accept the terms of the UPS Technology Agreement, and then click Sign Up.

    UPS Login Settings
  4. Click Manage My Profile to complete your setup (we recommend) or click Continue (not recommended) to return to the UPS home page.

    UPS Continue or Manage My Profile
UPS Manage My Profile

Adding Shipment Insurance

UPS supports adding insurance to your shipments. Review the Parcel Insurance page for details on adding shipment insurance with ShipEngine.

INFO: Notes about UPS and Insurance

UPS covers the first $100 for free.

  • Insurance >$100-$300 is an additional flat fee of $2.70.
  • For each additional $100, it's $0.90 per $100.
    To prevent insurance claims for a higher value than a product is worth, UPS requires multiple forms of documentation and may contact you for confirmation.
    The claims process begins when you report loss or damage to UPS, and then UPS will send you documentation and move on from there.
    In the event of a high-value shipment, UPS will want to inspect it if declared as damaged and may take other measures.