Advanced Options



You will need to be familiar with the specific advanced options, you should be able to List Carrier Advanced Options.

Advanced Options

Many carriers support "Advanced Options", such as the ability to ship alcohol, bill to the receiving party, request money on delivery, or many others. You will need to see the supported options by using the List Carrier Advanced Options.

Property Description
bill_to_account string
The account number to be billed
bill_to_party enumerated_string
recipient or third_party
bill_to_postal_code string
bill_to_country_code string
Two letter country code as it corresponds to ISO 3166-1 alpha-2.
contains_alcohol bool
Indicates if the shipment contains alcohol
delivered_duty_paid bool
non_machinable bool
saturday_delivery bool
dry_ice bool
dry_ice_weight see weight object below


Weight Conversion

Currently all dry ice weights will be converted and saved as ounces.

Weight Object

Property Description
unit enumerated string, required
value decimal, required


POST /v1/labels

For this example, we're going to send Mickey and Minnie an anniversary gift of some wine. Since we're shipping alcohol, we're also going to have to use a special Delivery Confirmation as well. We'll be using UPS as the carrier, since they support adult delivery and alcohol.

We added the dictionary shipment.advanced_options and string shipment.confirmation:

"advanced_options": {
  "contains_alcohol": "true"
"confirmation": "adult_signature"

Example Request

curl -iX POST \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d '
  "shipment": {
    "service_code": "ups_3_day_select",
    "ship_to": {
      "name": "Mickey and Minnie Mouse",
      "phone": "714-781-4565",
      "company_name": "The Walt Disney Company",
      "address_line1": "500 South Buena Vista Street",
      "city_locality": "Burbank",
      "state_province": "CA",
      "postal_code": "91521",
      "country_code": "US",
      "address_residential_indicator": "no"
    "ship_from": {
      "name": "Dade Murphy",
      "phone": "512-485-4282",
      "company_name": "Zero Cool",
      "address_line1": "345 Chambers Street",
      "address_line2": "Suite 100",
      "city_locality": "New York City",
      "state_province": "NY",
      "postal_code": "10282",
      "country_code": "US",
      "address_residential_indicator": "no"
    "confirmation": "adult_signature",
    "advanced_options": {
      "contains_alcohol": "true"
    "insurance_provider": "none",
    "total_weight": {
      "value": 3.0,
      "unit": "pound"
    "packages": [
        "weight": {
          "value": 3.0,
          "unit": "pound"

Example Response

  "label_id": "se-421210",
  "status": "completed",
  "shipment_id": "se-2126974",
  "ship_date": "2019-07-25T05:00:00.000Z",
  "created_at": "2019-07-25T15:24:46.657Z",
  "shipment_cost": {
    "currency": "usd",
    "amount": 29.25
  "insurance_cost": {
    "currency": "usd",
    "amount": 0.0
  "tracking_number": "1Z28A1R9A713398376",
  "is_return_label": false,
  "is_international": false,
  "batch_id": "",
  "carrier_id": "se-123890",
  "service_code": "ups_3_day_select",
  "package_code": "package",
  "voided": false,
  "label_format": "pdf",
  "label_layout": "4x6",
  "trackable": false,
  "carrier_code": "ups",
  "tracking_status": "unknown",
  "label_download": {
    "pdf": "",
    "png": "",
    "zpl": "",
    "href": ""
  "form_download": null,
  "insurance_claim": null

Step 2: Ship It!

You can now print your label and ship it! Your label can be found by navigating to label_download.href.