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Void a Label

Should a shipment get canceled or perhaps a label got created by mistake, you may need to void that label. Also, if you create a return label that is charged on creation, and it goes unused, you will need to void the label to get a refund for that label. ShipEngine accepts the label_id endpoint to identify which label you would like to void.

The void process is similar for any label, but the refund process may differ depending on the carrier.


  • You will need a label_id from another Label Request. Learn how to Create a Label, which generates your label_id.

Example Request

PUT /v1/labels/:label_id/void

Example Request

PUT /v1/labels/se-421351/void HTTP/1.1

Example Response

The response body will include two items:

  1. A true/false boolean value to show if the void request was approved, and
  2. A message from the carrier. The message value will vary depending on the carrier used to create the label.
"approved": true,
"message": "Request for refund submitted. This label has been voided."

Can I un-void a label?

No. Once a label is voided, it cannot be unvoided. However, you can create a new label for that order. Keep in mind, some selling channels will not accept a 2nd tracking number from ShipEngine.

If that is the case and the selling channel won't accept the 2nd tracking number from ShipEngine, you may want to manually update the new tracking number on your selling channel for that order.

Refund Process

The refund requirements and any restrictions to the process of refunding a label will depend upon the policy of the carrier from whom the label was originally purchased.

ShipEngine Carriers

To receive a refund for labels created with ShipEngine Carriers, you must meet the following criteria:

  1. The label must be unused. This means that the label was not scanned by either USPS or UPS to ship a package.
  2. You must void the label within a certain number of days after generating the label:
  • USPS = 28 days
  • UPS = 30 days

For and Endicia labels, the refund will be credited to your postage account within three to four weeks of the request. When voiding UPS labels created with ShipEngine carriers, the label fee will be instantly refunded to your ShipEngine Carriers balance.

USPS Labels Created with and Endicia

To qualify for electronic reimbursement:

  1. The shipment must not have been scanned by USPS, you must meet the following criteria:
  2. The refund must be requested within a certain number of days after generating the label:
    • = 28 days
    • Endicia = 30 days

Post-billed Carrier Accounts

Post-billed carrier accounts, like UPS and FedEx, do not charge for shipping labels that are not used and scanned into the carrier's system.

Voiding labels for a post-billed carrier is not necessary, if the labels are unscanned. Labels can still be voided for these carriers for reporting purposes if desired.

Denied Requests

If you are denied, please refer to the message returned. You can always reach out to support to figure out why you are unable to void a label.

Possible reasons a carrier may deny a void label request include:

  • The Label is too old to be voided.
  • The Label has been scanned in, at the originating facility.
  • The Label has left the originating facility and is already en route to the destination.