Void a Label



  • You will need a label_id from another Label Request, learn how to Create a Label.


PUT /v1/labels/:label_id/void

PUT /v1/labels/se-421351/void HTTP/1.1
Host: api.shipengine.com
  "approved": true,
  "message": "Request for refund submitted.  This label has been voided."

Denied Requests

If you are denied, please refer to the message returned. You can always reach out to support to figure out why you are unable to void a label.

Possible reasons include:

  • The Label is too old to be voided
  • The Label has been scanned in, at the originating facility
  • The Label has left the originating facility and is in route to the destination.


Time frames to void labels will vary by carrier.

Be sure to check your Carrier's Void and Refund policies for specific deadlines for voiding and/or refunding your shipping label.