LTL Carriers in ShipEngine

ShipEngine API provides many carrier options for LTL shipping and allows you to perform all your LTL shipping operations programmatically. There are some carriers, however, that do not offer all the ShipEngine API features programmatically, which means that we can't make them available to you in ShipEngine API. You will need to continue performing those operations using your existing processes. You can find information about which features are supported by each carrier below as well as a description of each feature.

LTL Carrier Information

The table below list information about the LTL carriers available in ShipEngine API. Click the heading for a description of the feature.

Carrier Name SCACs Quotes Spot Quotes Pickups Tracking Auto PRO # Documents
AAA Cooper Transportation AACT
ABF Freight Systems Inc. ABFS
A. Duie Pyle Inc. PYLE
Averitt Express Inc. AVRT
Central Freight Lines CENF
Central Transport CTII
Daylight Transport LLC DYLT
Day & Ross DAYR
Dayton Freight Lines Inc. DAFG
Dependable Highway Express DPHE
Estes Express Lines EXLA
FedEx Freight Priority / Economy FXFE, FXFN
Forward Air Inc. FWDN
Midwest Motor Express MIDW
Oak Harbor Freight Lines Inc. OAKH
Old Dominion Freight Lines Inc. ODFL
Pitt-Ohio PITD
Roadrunner Transportation Services Inc. RDFS
SAIA Motor Freight Lines Inc. SAIA
Southeastern Freight Lines SEFL
Standard Forwarding STDF
UPS Freight UPGF
Ward Trucking WARD
XPO Logistics (Con-Way Freight) CNWY, CWCE, CWSE,CWNO, XPOL, CWWE


Each LTL carrier is uniquely identified in the industry by its Standard Carrier Alpha Code or SCAC. Some carriers even have multiple SCACs that correspond to different types of offerings. ShipEngine API also uses the SCAC to uniquely identify the carrier.

In ShipEngine API, the SCAC is referred to as the carrier_code to streamline the terminology used across different types of shipping carriers. You will need to know the SCAC for your LTL carrier for any request that requires a carrier_id. Likewise, many responses will include the carrier_code, which corresponds to the SCAC.


ShipEngine API allows you to request a quote using contracted rates. Some carriers do not support requesting a quote programmatically. For those carriers, you can typically track shipments that you have shipped outside ShipEngine as well as retrieve shipping documents.

Spot Quotes

ShipEngine API allows you to request a spot quote from an LTL carrier based on excess capacity. Some carriers do not support spot quotes.


ShipEngine API allows you to programmatically schedule a pickup of your LTL shipment. There are some carriers that do not support programmatically scheduling a pickup. However, you will still need to perform this operation in ShipEngine API, even if the carrier does not support programmatic pickup requests. This operation creates the bill of lading, which will be needed by the carrier at pickup. You will then need to schedule the pickup directly with the carrier.


ShipEngine API allows you to track your LTL shipment using the PRO number. The PRO number is returned when you schedule a pickup. However, some carriers don't support automatic PRO number generation. For those carriers, a PRO number will be assigned by the carrier at the time of pickup. The table above indicates which carriers support automatic PRO number generation.


ShipEngine API allows you to retrieve the documents related to your LTL shipment, including the bill of lading, invoice, delivery receipt, and weight inspection certificate.