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Parcelforce Worldwide Guide

Parcelforce Worldwide is a leader among parcel delivery services in the UK. Through ShipEngine’s integration with Parcelforce Worldwide, you can ship with both domestic and international services. Contact Parcelforce Worldwide today to register for an account!

This guide provides developers an overview of shipping services that Parcelforce Worldwide offers and the service codes that you will use to create Parcelforce Worldwide shipments.


  • Test labels: Parcelforce requires test labels before you can create real labels!
    You must generate sample labels with test credentials and submit those sample labels to Parcelforce for approval. Once approved, you can enter your production credentials to start creating real labels.
  • Manifests: Parcelforce requires all shipments to be manifested and the manifests to be printed. You can create your forms through ShipEngine's Manifests endpoint.
  • International shipments: Parcelforce returns a CN23 form to ShipEngine based on the shipment's customs information.
    ShipEngine will provide a commercial invoice from Parcelforce when required. Print three of these and include them with the shipment.
  • All shipments must include a first and last name for both the Ship To and Ship From address. Additionally, Ship To address requires a phone number.
  • All shipments require a signature upon delivery.

Connect Your Account

ShipEngine API allows you to connect your Parcelforce Worldwide accounts programmatically without logging in to the ShipEngine API dashboard. This is useful if you have wrapped a custom UI around the ShipEngine API toolset and want to add or disconnect existing carrier accounts without exposing your end users to the API dashboard.

These APIs can be used in parallel with the ShipEngine Partner APIs to programmatically create new ShipEngine users, and then connect existing Parcelforce Worldwid eaccounts all via the API without logging into a dashboard. Together these APIs empower you to completely white-label the ShipEngine experience for your end users.

Continue below for instructions on how to programatically connect Parcelforce Worldwide using the ShipEngine API.

For instructions on connecting Parcelforce Worldwide via the ShipEngine dashboard, go to our Parcelforce Worldwide help article.

Parcelforce Worldwide Account Information Model

nicknamestring, required
account_numberstring, required
passwordstring, required
sftp_usernamestring, required
sftp_passwordstring, required
contract_numberstring, required
department_idstring, required
test_accountboolean, required

Connect a Parcelforce Account

POST /v1/connections/carriers/parcelforce

POST /v1/connections/carriers/parcelforce HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
"nickname": "My Parcelforce Account",
"account_number": "1234",
"password": "pa55word",
"sftp_username": "sftp_user",
"sftp_password": "pa55word",
"contract_number": "12345",
"department_id": "12",
"test_account": false

Example POST Response

Your account will now appear in your carriers list with an assigned carrier_id that you will specify when creating Parcelforce Worldwide shipments.

"carrier-id": "se-1234567"

Parcelforce Worldwide Service Details

Parcelforce Worldwide Domestic Services

(Click to view Parcelforce Worldwide Domestic Services)
Shipping ServiceCarrier CodeService API Codes
Euro EconomyEPHEuropHome
Euro PriorityEPBEuropBus
GlobalBulk DirectGBDGlobBulkDir
Globalpriority H M ForcesGPRGlobPriHMFor
Globalpriority ReturnsEPRGlobPriRet
Ireland ExpressI24IrelExpr
Euro Priority PackEPKEuropPack

You can now ship to Jersey (Channel Island) using the Euro Economy service from Parcelforce Worldwide. Though technically a territory of the UK, shipments to Jersey require Customs Forms according to Parcelforce’s documentation.

Parcelforce Worldwide International Services

(Click to view Parcelforce Worldwide International Services)
Shipping ServiceCarrier CodeService API Codes
Express 9S09Exp9
Express 9 Courier PackSC9Exp9CP
Express 10S10Exp10
Express 10 Courier PackSC0Exp10CP
Express AMS12ExpAM
Express AM LargeSAMLExpAML
Express AM Courier PackSC2ExpAMCP
Express PMSPMExpPM
Express 24SNDExp24
Express 24 LargeS24LExp24L
Express 24 Courier PackSCDExp24CP
Express 24 SundaySCDPExp24S
Express 48SUPExp48
Express 48 LargeSIDExp48L
Globalpriority H M ForcesGPRGlobPriHMFor
Parcel RiderSPRParcRide

Parcelforce Worldwide Package Types

NameAPI CodeDetails
PackagepackageDomestic, International

To ensure you always have the most up-to-date package information, use the List Package Types call.

Return Services

Return services are supported for this carrier.

Review the Return Shipping Labels page for details on creating return labels with ShipEngine.

Adding Shipment Insurance

Parcelforce Worldwide supports adding insurance to your shipments. Review the Parcel Insurance page for details on adding shipment insurance with ShipEngine.

Advanced Options

Parcelforce Worldwide supports the following advanced options:

  • Carrier SMS and Email tracking notifications
    Parcelforce supports the NotificationPhone and NotificationEmail advanced options. When these fields and values are present when creating a Parcelforce Worldwide label, Parcelforce will then send the recipient SMS or Email notifications while the shipment is en route to its destination.

To ensure you always have the most up-to-date information, use the List Carrier Advanced Options call.

Additional Details

  • Customs Forms: Customs information for international shipments will print on a Commercial Invoice document separate from the shipping label.
    To learn more about this feature, see our International Shipping article.
  • Package dimensions optional for domestic shipments: While international orders may still need package dimensions, domestic orders do not. We still recommend using package dimensions for ALL shipments.

You are now ready to create shipments using Parcelforce Worldwide via ShipEngine!