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Start Tracking Updates

POST /v1/tracking/start

This endpoint allows you to subscribe to tracking updates for a package. You specify the carrier_code and tracking_number of the package, and we'll notify you whenever the shipping status changes.

You can track labels created outside of ShipEngine as long as you have the carrier connected through ShipEngine. For example, you can track a DHL label through ShipEngine even if you didn't created it through ShipEngine, but you must have a DHL carrier connected to your ShipEngine account.

You can track labels from USPS, UPS, and FedEx even if you don't have those carriers connected. For other carriers, you must connect the carriers before you can start tracking labels.

You can unsubscribe from updates at any time by stopping tracking updates.


The following example demonstrates how to start tracking a package. You need to specify the carrier_code (see this table) and the tracking_number of the package.

If successful, ShipEngine will respond with an HTTP Status Code of 204 (No Content)

POST /v1/tracking/start?carrier_code=stamps_com&tracking_number=9361269903502070406152 HTTP/1.1