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DX offers domestic and international shipping solutions for shipments originating in the UK. Their reliable and efficient logistics service provider offers seamless nationwide delivery solutions for businesses and individuals, ensuring that packages reach their destinations safely and on time. With its user-friendly website and intuitive tracking system, DX Delivery provides customers with a convenient and transparent experience, allowing them to monitor the progress of their shipments and receive real-time updates for a hassle-free delivery process.

This guide provides developers an overview of shipping services that DX offers and the service codes that you will use to create DX shipments.

Connect Your Account

ShipEngine API allows you to connect your DX accounts programmatically without logging in to the ShipEngine API dashboard. This is useful if you have wrapped a custom UI around the ShipEngine API toolset and want to add or disconnect existing carrier accounts without exposing your end users to the API dashboard.

These APIs can be used in parallel with the ShipEngine Partner APIs to programmatically create new ShipEngine users, and then connect existing DX accounts all via the API without logging into a dashboard. Together these APIs empower you to completely white-label the ShipEngine experience for your end users.

Continue below for instructions on how to programatically connect DX using the ShipEngine API.

For instructions on connecting DX via the ShipEngine dashboard, go to our DX help article.

DX Account Information Model

accountCodeAccount Numberstring, required
usernameUsernamestring, required
passwordPasswordstring, required

Example POST Call

POST /v1/connections/carriers/DX

POST /v1/connections/carriers/DX HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
"accountCode": "123456789",
"username": "your_username.",
"password": "pa55word",

Example POST Response

Your account will now appear in your carriers list with an assigned carrier_id that you will specify when creating DX shipments.

"carrier-id": "se-1234567"

DX Service Details

DPD offers several expedited, freight, and parcel delivery services. Click to view all services supported by ShipEngine.

Click to view: DX Domestic Services
ServiceService API Codes
Secure Flex Next daysecure_flex_next_day
Secure Flex Premium 1secure_flex_premium_1
Secure Flex Premium 9secure_flex_premium_9
Secure Flex Premium 1030secure_flex_premium_1030
Secure Flex AIRsecure_flex_air
Secure Flex AIR Premium 1secure_flex_air_premium_1
Secure Business Premium 1secure_business_premium_1
Secure Business Premium 1030secure_business_premium_1030
Secure Business Premium 12secure_business_premium_12
Secure Business Premium 9secure_business_premium_9
Secure Business AIRsecure_business_air
Secure Business AIR Premium 1secure_business_air_premium_1
Secure Business AIR Premium 12secure_business_air_premium_12
Secure Business Mandatory Signature AIR SATdx_secure_business_sig_air_sat
Secure Business Mandatory Signature SATdx_secure_business_sig_sat
Secure Business Mandatory Signature SAT Pre 1dx_secure_business_sig_sat_pre_1
Secure Business Mandatory Signature SAT Pre 9dx_secure_business_sig_sat_pre_9
Secure Business Mandatory Signature SAT Pre 12dx_secure_business_sig_sat_pre_12
Secure Business Mandatory Signature SAT Pre 1030dx_secure_business_sig_sat_pre_1030
Secure Flex Leave Safe (Length)dx_secure_flex_leave_safe
Secure Flex Leave Safe AIRdx_secure_flex_leave_safe_air
Secure Flex Leave Safe AIR Pre 1dx_secure_flex_leave_safe_air_pre_1
Secure Flex Leave Safe AIR SATdx_secure_flex_leave_safe_air_sat
Secure Flex Leave Safe Length (Fixed Date)dx_secure_flex_leave_safe_length_fix_date
Secure Flex Leave Safe Pre 1dx_secure_flex_leave_safe_pre_1
Secure Flex Leave Safe Pre 9dx_secure_flex_leave_safe_pre_9
Secure Flex Leave Safe Pre 1030dx_secure_flex_leave_safe_pre_1030
Secure Flex Leave Safe SATdx_secure_flex_leave_safe_sat
Secure Flex Leave Safe SAT Pre 1dx_secure_flex_leave_safe_sat_pre_1
Secure Flex Leave Safe SAT Pre 9dx_secure_flex_leave_safe_sat_pre_9
Secure Flex Leave Safe SAT Pre 1030dx_secure_flex_leave_safe_sat_pre_1030
Secure Flex Mandatory Signaturedx_secure_flex_mandatory_signature
Secure Flex Mandatory Signature AIRdx_secure_flex_mandatory_signature_air
Secure Flex Mandatory Signature AIR Pre 1dx_secure_flex_mandatory_signature_air_pre_1
Secure Flex Mandatory Signature AIR SATdx_secure_flex_mandatory_signature_air_sat
Secure Flex Mandatory Signature (Fixed Address)dx_secure_flex_mandatory_signature_fixed_address
Secure Flex Mandatory Signature (Fixed Date)dx_secure_flex_mandatory_signature_fixed_date
Secure Flex Mandatory Signature Pre 1030dx_secure_flex_mandatory_signature_pre
Secure Business Next daysecure_business_next_day_dom
Click to view: DX International Services
ServiceService API Codes
Secure Flex Next daysecure_flex_next_day_ie_intl
Secure Flex Premium 1secure_flex_premium_1_ie_intl
Secure Flex Premium 9secure_flex_premium_9_ie_intl
Secure Flex Premium 1030secure_flex_premium_1030_ie_intl
Secure Flex AIRsecure_flex_air_ie_intl
Secure Flex AIR Premium 1secure_flex_air_premium_1_ie_intl
Secure Business Next daysecure_business
Secure Business Premium 1secure_business_premium_1_ie_intl
Secure Business Premium 1030secure_business_premium_1030_ie_intl
Secure Business Premium 12secure_business_premium_12_ie_intl
Secure Business Premium 9secure_business_premium_9_ie_intl
Secure Business AIRsecure_business_air_ie_intl
Secure Business AIR Premium 1secure_business_air_premium_1_ie_intl
Secure Business AIR Premium 12secure_business_air_premium_12_ie_intl
Secure Business Mandatory Signature AIR SAT Internationaldx_secure_business_sig_air_sat_ie_intl
Secure Business Mandatory Signature SAT Internationaldx_secure_business_sig_sat_ie_intl


NameAPI CodePackage Attributes
Boxdx_boxDomestic, International
Lengthdx_lengthDomestic, International
Pouchdx_pouchDomestic, International

Return Services

Return services not supported for this carrier.

Adding Shipment Insurance

DX supports adding insurance to your shipments.

Review the Parcel Insurance page for details on adding shipment insurance with ShipEngine.

Additional Information

Additional details about the DX integration:

Void LabelsYou can only void DX labels up to 23:59 on the date the label was created. Attempts after that will receive an Unable to Void Label message in the UI.
Third-party billingThe ShipEngine integration with DX does not support third-party billing.

Troubleshooting Tips for DX

Troubleshooting tips for common issues with DX:

IssueHow to Troubleshoot
Error Message: The Secure Flex Next Day is not available in this Account. The available Services: Secure Flex Next Day (Generic).What it means: This error can show up even when you have Secure Flex Next Day service on your account. Because DX users only have certain confirmation types available in their DX agreement, the label will be blocked if you try to use a confirmation type not in your DX contract.
What to do: Change the confirmation type to another option available and you should be able to create a label.
If you try to ship using Neighbourhood Signature and Mandatory Signature and get an error, check with your DX contact to confirm that these options are enabled on your contract.

To ensure you always have the most up-to-date information, use the List Carrier Advanced Options call.

You are now ready to create shipments using DX via ShipEngine!