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Yodel Guide

Yodel offers domestic and international shipping solutions for shipments originating in Great Britain.

This guide provides developers an overview of shipping services that Yodel offers and the service codes that you will use to create Yodel shipments.

Connect Your Account

ShipEngine API allows you to connect your Yodel accounts programmatically without logging in to the ShipEngine API dashboard. This capability is useful if you have wrapped a custom UI around the ShipEngine API toolset and want to add or disconnect existing carrier accounts without exposing your end users to the API dashboard.

These APIs can be used in parallel with the ShipEngine Partner APIs to programmatically create new ShipEngine users, and then connect existing Yodel accounts all via the API without logging into a dashboard. Together these APIs empower you to completely white-label the ShipEngine experience for your end users.

Continue below for instructions on how to programatically connect Yodel using the ShipEngine API.

For instructions on connecting Yodel via the ShipEngine dashboard, go to our Yodel help article.

Yodel Account Information Model

user_idUser IDstring, required
passwordPasswordstring, required
account_idAccount IDstring, required

Example Request

POST /v1/connections/carriers/yodel

POST /v1/connections/carriers/yodel HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json
"nickname": "Test Yodel Account",
"user_id": "your_user_id_here",
"account_id": "your_account_id_here",
"password": "your_password_here"

Example Response

"carrier-id": "se-1234567"

Yodel Service Details

Yodal has a 40-character maximum for the name field and a 30-character maximum for each address_line field (address lines 1-4).

Please note: Not all services listed are available to every Yodel account. We recommend you check with Yodel so you know which services are available to your account, or use the List Services call.

Yodel Domestic Service Details

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ServiceCarrier CodeTransit TimeMax LengthMax WeightService API Codes
Xpress 24 POD UK excl. NI1CPNext Day, Two-Day90cm17kgxpress_24_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpress 24 Non-POD UK excl. NI1CNNext Day, Two-Day90cm17kgxpress_24_non_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpress 48 POD UK excl. NI2CPNext Day, Two-Day90cm17kgxpress_48_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpress 48 Non-POD UK excl. NI2CNNext Day, Two-Day90cm17kgxpress_48_non_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpress Mini 48 Non-POD UK excl. NI2CMNNext Day, Two-Day90cm17kgxpress_mini_48_non_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpect 24 POD UK excl. NI1VPNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_24_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpect 24 Non-POD UK excl. NI1VNNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_24_non_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpect 48 POD UK excl. NI2VPNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_48_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpect 48 Non-POD UK excl. NI2VNNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_48_non_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpect 48 XL POD UK excl. NI2VLPNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_48_xl_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpect 48 XL Non-POD UK excl. NI2VLNNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_48_xl_non_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpect Saturday POD UK excl. NI1VSPNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_saturday_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpect Saturday Non-POD UK excl. NI1VSNNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_saturday_non_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpect Pre-12 POD UK excl. NI12PNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_pre_12_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpert 24 POD Desk UK excl. NI1VDNext Day120cm30kgxpert_24_pod_desk_uk_excl_ni
Xpert 24 Address Only UK excl. NI1VANext Day120cm30kgxpert_24_address_only_uk_excl_ni
Xpert 24 HVT POD UK excl. NI1VTNext Day120cm30kgxpert_24_hvt_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpert 24 BFPO POD UK excl. NI1BFPNext Day120cm30kgxpert_24_bfpo_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpert Saturday Address Only UK excl. NI1VSANext Day120cm30kgxpert_saturday_address_only_uk_excl_ni
Xpert Saturday HVT POD UK excl. NI1VSTNext Day120cm30kgxpert_saturday_hvt_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpert Pre-12 Non-POD UK excl. NI12NNext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_non_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpert Pre-12 Address Only UK excl. NI12TNext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_hvt_address_only_uk_excl_ni
Xpect Pre-12 Saturday POD UK excl. NI12SPNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_pre_12_saturday_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpert Pre-12 Saturday Non-POD UK excl. NI12SNNext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_saturday_non_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpert Pre-12 Saturday Address Only UK excl. NI12SANext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_saturday_address_only_uk_excl_ni
Xpert Pre-12 Saturday HVT Address Only UK excl. NI12STNext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_saturday_hvt_address_only_uk_excl_ni
Xpert Catalogue Non-POD UK excl. NI5CNNext Day120cm30kgxpert_catalogue_non_pod_uk_excl_ni
Xpect Mini 48 Non-POD UK excl. NI2VSNNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_mini_48_non_pod
Xpect Mini 24 Non-POD1SVNNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_mini_24_non_pod
Xpect Medium 24 POD UK excl. NI1VMPNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_medium_24_pod
Xpect 24 Medium Non-POD UK excl. NI1VMNNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_24_medium_non_pod
Xpect 48 Medium POD UK excl. NI2VMPNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_48_medium_pod
Xpect 48 Medium Non-POD UK excl. NI2VMNNext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_48_medium_non_pod
Xpress 24 POD NI Only1CPNINext Day, Two-Day90cm17kgxpress_24_pod_ni_only
Xpress 24 Non-POD NI Only1CNNINext Day, Two-Day90cm17kgxpress_24_non_pod_ni_only
Xpress 48 POD NI Only2CPNINext Day, Two-Day90cm17kgxpress_48_pod_ni_only
Xpress 48 Non-POD NI Only2CNNINext Day, Two-Day90cm17kgxpress_48_non_pod_ni_only
Xpress Mini 48 Non-POD NI Only2CMNNINext Day, Two-Day90cm17kgxpress_mini_48_non_pod_ni_only
Xpect 24 POD NI Only1VPNINext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_24_pod_ni_only
Xpect 24 Non-POD NI Only1VNNINext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_24_non_pod_ni_only
Xpect 48 POD NI Only2VPNINext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_48_pod_ni_only
Xpect 48 Non-POD NI Only2VNNINext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_48_non_pod_ni_only
Xpect Mini 48 Non-POD NI Only2VSNNINext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_mini_48_non_pod_ni_only
Xpect 48 XL POD NI Only2VLPNINext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_48_xl_pod_ni_only
Xpect 48 XL Non-POD NI Only2VLNNINext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_48_xl_non_pod_ni_only
Xpect Saturday POD NI Only1VSPNINext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_saturday_pod_ni_only
Xpect Saturday Non-POD NI Only1VSNNINext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_saturday_non_pod_ni_only
Xpert 24 POD Desk NI Only1VDNINext Day120cm30kgxpert_24_pod_desk_ni_only
Xpert 24 Address Only NI Only1VANINext Day120cm30kgxpert_24_address_only_ni_only
Xpert 24 HVT POD NI Only1VTNINext Day120cm30kgxpert_24_hvt_pod_ni_only
Xpert Sat Address Only NI Only1VSANINext Day120cm30kgxpert_sat_address_only_ni_only
Xpert Saturday HVT POD NI Only1VSTNINext Day120cm30kgxpert_saturday_hvt_pod_ni_only
Xpert Pre-12 Non-POD NI Only12NNINext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_non_pod_ni_only
Xpert Pre-12 HVT Address Only NI Only12TNINext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_hvt_address_only_ni_only
Xpert Pre-12 Address Only NI Only12ANINext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_address_only_ni_only
Xpect Pre-12 Saturday POD NI Only12SPNINext Day, Two-DaySTD: 120cm XL: 170cm30kgxpect_pre_12_saturday_pod_ni_only
Xpert Pre-12 Saturday Non-POD NI Only12SNNINext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_saturday_non_pod_ni_only
Xpert Pre-12 Saturday Address Only NI Only12SANINext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_saturday_address_only_ni_only
Xpert Pre-12 Saturday HVT Address Only NI Only12STNINext Day120cm30kgxpert_pre_12_saturday_hvt_address_only_ni_only
Xpert Catalogue Non-POD NI Only5CNNINext Day120cm30kgxpert_catalogue_non_pod_ni_only

Yodel International Service Details

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Please note: Channel Isles services require additional customs data declarations.

ServiceCarrier CodeTransit TimeMax LengthMax WeightService API Codes
Yodel 48 POD Channel Islands48POD1-5 days (Varies by location)90cm17kgyodel_48_pod_channel_islands
Yodel 48 Non-POD Channel Islands48NPOD1-5 days90cm17kgyodel_48_non_pod_channel_islands
Yodel 72 POD Channel Islands72POD1-5 days90cm17kgyodel_72_pod_channel_islands
Yodel 72 Non-POD Channel Islands72NPOD1-5 days90cm17kgyodel_72_non_pod_channel_islands
Yodel 48 POD InternationalEPL1-5 days90cm17kgyodel_48_pod_international
Yodel 48 Non-POD InternationalEPS1-5 days90cm17kgyodel_48_non_pod_international

Return Services

Return services not supported for this carrier.

Adding Shipment Insurance

Yodel supports adding shipment insurance.

Review the Parcel Insurance page for details on adding shipment insurance with ShipEngine.

You are now ready to create shipments using Yodel via ShipEngine!