Setup a Carrier

Setup (USPS) is included for free with your account. To start using it, you just need to complete the setup of the account.

  1. Log into the ShipEngine Portal.
  2. Select Carrier Management.
  3. Locate the provider.
  4. Select Setup.
  5. Follow the options on the screen to configure your account.

Carrier Management Screen

ShipEngine Carrier Management Portal - For USPS select "Setup" in the right hand column of the carrier list for the "" carrier. Additionally, you can select "Endicia" using the icon located under "All Carriers" if you have an existing Endicia account.

Add Stamps Account Choose Set up a new account or I already have a account.


You won't be charged for!

Your card will ONLY be charged for postage. ShipEngine will pay the monthly service fee for you (a $15.99 value!)

Add Stamps Address and Credit Card

Other Providers

To setup other providers, simply click on the logo you would like to setup. A wizard will guide you through the setup process. Before setting up other accounts you need to have an account setup with each respective carrier. You can learn more about setting up other carrier accounts in Apply for a Carrier Account. Additionally, we have Carrier Guides for FedEx and UPS that will help you get up and running with these shipping providers.