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Set Up ShipEngine Carriers

ShipEngine accounts that are based in the US, CA, and UK include access to ShipEngine Carriers services automatically. However, these services are disabled until you activate them by adding your billing information. Then you can start purchasing labels, comparing rates, and tracking packages. For those accounts based in other countries, ShipEngine Carriers services are coming soon!

To set up ShipEngine Carriers:

  1. Log in to the ShipEngine dashboard.
  2. Go to Carriers under Set-up in the side navigation.Carriers Screen, box highlights Carriers button
  3. Click the Connect ShipEngine Accounts button in the ShipEngine Carrier Accounts section.
Carriers Screen, box highlights Connect ShipEngine Accounts button
  1. Add your billing information in the pop-up window, then click the Continue button.
Shows address fileds. Box highlights Continue button
  1. Agree to the Terms and Conditions, then click the Agree and Activate Account button.

Using Your ShipEngine Carriers

Once activated, your ShipEngine carrier tiles will display your Carrier IDs. These IDs are unique to your ShipEngine account and they are what you'll use throughout our API to do things like purchasing labels, comparing rates, and tracking packages.

Activated Tiles

To get started using your new carriers, check out our Postman collection.

ShipEngine Carrier Balance

Your ShipEngine Carrier Balance will display to the right of the ShipEngine Carrier Accounts section.

Link to Balance and Set

This balance pays for carrier services, such as:

  • Purchasing shipping labels
  • Carrier-provided insurance

Your ShipEngine Carrier Balance does not apply to non-carrier charges, such as:

  • Third-party insurance
  • API usage charges