Refresh Order Source (Import Orders)

To start seeing orders inside of the Sales Order API, you need to trigger an order source refresh. An order source refresh will reach out to the order source, and import and update your sales orders.


PUT /v-beta/order_sources/:order_source_id/refresh

PUT /v-beta/order_sources/__YOUR_ORDER_SOURCE_ID_HERE__/refresh HTTP/1.1
Content-Type: application/json

  "order_source_id": "__YOUR_ORDER_SOURCE_ID_HERE__",
  "order_source_nickname": "My Shopify account",
  "order_source_code": "shopify",
  "order_source_friendly_name": "Shopify",
  "refresh_info": {
    "status": "preparing_update",
    "last_refresh_attempt": null,
    "refresh_date": "2018-02-10T20:55:46.673Z"
  "active": true

Refresh Info Status

  • idle: Order source import is idle; but ready.
  • preparing_update: An order source refresh has been triggered, and is queued up for a refresh.
  • updating: The order source is actively refreshing.
  • error: The last refresh ended with an error, you may re-trigger the refresh to clear the error.